I can tell they’re crying already. They at least were sobbing themselves to sleep last night. Who, you ask? Those that at least two, and I take it from the consensual silence many more from the fairer sex, have denied the quality of being hot & MOT (apart from Joshua B. from MA). Our lads are more sensitive than they like admitting.

Sooooo, let’s be generous. They may not have got the perfect ABS, nor that stunning high-cheekbone/dimple/great smile combo that makes our hearts melt, nor that sophisticated sexiness that sees men going on camping trips & grilling their meat over real fire and voluntarily going and watching a Strindberg play in an outfit fit for the occasion, heaven knows, they might not even be able to drive a nail into the wall or suffer a splinter in their thumb without fearing this might be an initial symptom of cancer, but they certainly do have other qualities. I think, in honour of our often under-appreciated (except by their mame) yidn, we together could come up with a considerable number of men that – in their own way – are hot and MOT.

To avoid any competition, the list will not be in any particular order; any additions will be welcome.

The following may serve as examples. There, of course, are many more that can be added to the list.
1) ck – If not for him, most of us would be more than less unheard of. He’s caring, creative and witty and determinedly Jewlicious. He’s got a pleasant voice, too. It’s his b’day soon BTW, so get your tuches to Hallmark and get a card on its way.
2) Ephraim & Ben-David – Loving husbands, caring fathers, brothers-in-baking-crime and two of the most prominent much-needed commenters on Jewlicious adding political balance to the overall blog. They dare to speak their mind. Cheers to that!
3) My bf – Ambidextrous, multilingual, musically gifted, still cute when crabby, hardworking business man. Nine years afterall for some good reason.
4) Muffti – The use of the third-person singular alignes himself with the likes of Julius Cesar – and makes him adorable. He’s smart and caring and a great person to plan the silliest things with. Be looking forward to Muffti’s and my stage performance of Nietzschean Snowwhite.

Now it’s the ladies’ turn. We wouldn’t want another night of sulking crybaby, would we?

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