He’s not as cute or even as funny as Sarah Silverman but Jackie Mason sends out the message that you ought to vote for whoever you think is the best candidate, in response to Silverman’s Great Schlep Video.

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  • Hi again! It’s me. How’s it going? (See, I’m learning some manners.)

    This is like color war. I’ll make a video, then you make a video, then someone else will make a video. Next is a video of someone making a video.

    Crazy Americans. Their political opinions are practically religious. The Canadians know what they’re doing: “Sure I’ll vote…what are our parties again? GDP? Isn’t that an economic parameter? Never mind. Let’s get some beer and play hockey.”

    And you’re right: he’s definitely not as funny as Sarah.

  • Alex: Mason makes a good point but… this election isn’t about substance! It’s about entertainment and Silverman was way more entertaining.

    Mason: 0 Silverman: 32

  • I’m not calling you a bigot because of this video, Jackie. I’m calling you a bigot because of your OTHER videos. You’ve become a bitter old man, just like your boy McCain.

  • Silverman: 132. Mason, who’s Mason? All I saw was a rambling yenta who garbled his words.

  • LEave it to an old Jew to put things in perspective, even if he is an altacocker. Silverman’s schtick never did it for me.”Look at me I farted isnt’ that cute and funny”, basically sums her up.

  • Jackie Mason – I agree with only one thing he said.. that Mason does not know what he is talking about. Maybe he should read the positions of the candidates which spells out explicitly what they have accomplished and what they stand for.

    Mason knows where to get a good danish on eighth avenue and 55th, and knows about hair dye, but that is about it. I find it funny that he is talking about Bigots, when he is the men who called the Mayor of NYC a “Shvartze with a fancy moustache”

    I agree with ck…. silverman is much more entertaining


  • “Mason makes a good point but… this election isn’t about substance! It’s about entertainment and Silverman was way more entertaining.”

    Which is why Obama is going to win.

  • Love it!
    If Obama wasn’t black, he wouldn’t be in the running at all.
    ps I’d post a link where I said it better, but whenever I do, the comments get swallowed.

  • A “yenta” is a female.

    Anyhow, Mason is right in stating that voters should be led by their conscience. He apparently has a better grasp on the principles of democratic elections than could-be-mother-of-Great-Shlep-addressees-yet-trying-to-act-like-an-eleven-year-old Silverman.

  • Ya know… I took the piss out of the Silverman video when I wrote this post. But I’m not so comfortable about self-appointed guardians telling me what is and what isn’t acceptable. Why is the The Jewish Internet Defense Force delving into partisan political issues? They ought to stick to anti-Israel Facebook groups and I dunno, nasty ass comments on YouTube or something. Do we really need to be defended against Sarah Silverman???

  • Froylein: Just leave the Tandoori Chicken at home – unless I can kill the chicken first…

  • Alright, you can kill the chicken, but you also must to remove the entrails.

    BTW, finally got my webcam installed on the new shleptop.

  • Speaking about entrails…. can I recommend to you Philip Roth new best-selling novel, INDIGNATION, or as his character says it, IN DIG NAAAAA TION. The story is set in Ohio (swing state) and Newark NJ in 1951, and is narrated by the 18/19 year old, Marcus Messner, the son of a kosher butcher in Newark, who watches chickens get killed and gutted, and pulls the entrails out of them. It is about a lot more too.


  • Sarah Silverman is a sh*t stirring POS. She does for Jews what Vern Troyer does for little people.

    And Larry is the 1 millionth person to say Barack has accomplished “something” yet provides no examples. Your candidate is a Potemkin Village.

  • Jackie Mason is an ENTERTAINER. Sarah Silverman is a product of the politicization process by which communists have turned show business into a left wing advocacy tool. Thousands of people will travel to a packed theater to enjoy the humor of Jackie Mason. I have been one of them many times in New York and Florida. Sarah Silverman’s venues are small comedy clubs catering to those with a left leaning mentality and cable television programss catering to the same type of viewer.

  • I find Jackie Mason very funny. Silverman is one of those comedians that Krusty the Clown made fun of in the episode of the Simpsons “The last tempation of Krust”.