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  • No yoghurt, just a red curry sauce. You can use the stock from frying, add extra water, some concentrated tomato paste for thickening and your fav curry spices.

  • forylein, if there is a city in Germany called “Essen”, how come there is no city named “Fressen”?

  • Ephraim, that’s because “Fressen” is what animals do. 🙂

    “Essen” is the German plural of “fuel” or “industrial chimney”; the city is one of those that developed on the Ruhr river, Germany’s most important steel and coal mining area, during the Industrial Revolution.

  • OK. Even though I didn’t know the actual derivation (thanks for the education) I didn’t think that “Essen” really meant “eat”.
    But I thought it was a mildly funny joke.

    Is “fresse” used in German as it is used in Yiddish/Yinglish, to indicate a person who eats like an animal, e.g., “Stop fressing!“?

  • Yep, you use it for a person that eats without table manners or pigs away lots of food in little time, so you could say, “Du frisst wie ein Schwein.” But it’s not something you’d use in a joking manner as it conveys strong criticism of somebody’s way of eating.

  • Thanks for the tips – I always skip tandoori recipes because of the yogurt.

    Have a fulfilling Yom Kippur. G’mar Hatimah Tovah (or, since this thread is already Yiddish flavored – a Gut Kvittel).

  • BTW, West Yiddish-speakers of my grandfather’s generation would still say “ochele” instead of “essen”. “Essen” apparently became more widely used among those Yiddish-speakers that only embraced the language after WW2.

  • 1. Is this posting to commemorate the Jom Kippur Sündenbock?
    2. How do you expect to find a shiduch showing porzellan that’s not Meissner? 🙂
    Have a good Fast.

  • Maven, indeed, it’s a post to honour the kapoires chickens. 🙂

    Who said I was looking? 🙂 Most Meissner decors are too kitschy for my taste apart from the traditionals “Zwiebelmuster” and “Indisch Blau”, but that’s because I like the real cobalt blue on the perfect porcellain white. Blue (just as green and grey) is not such a great colour to eat from. Ironically enough, my great-grandmother used to refer to “Indisch Blau” as “Jidisch Blau”. Those traditional decors are produced by several companies.

    The only porcelain (German spelling by you?) laden with decor I’ve got is the “Russian Bells” tea set by Lomonosov plus the complementary tray for chocolates.
    Russian Bells
    I threw out all the Seltmann-Weiden with the tiny roses decor and gold trimming a couple of weeks ago as I never used it any way. I’ll rather get myself some nice bone china soon. The advantage of plain porcellain is that you can match it better with tablecloths and table decorations.

  • Froylein:
    Broke the fast on vegetable soup with a dollop of labneh.

    And yes, plain white/cream china is easier to match with.

  • It’s also easier to re-stock. Even if you don’t find the very kind, you’ll have an easier time matching it with something similar.

  • Froylein:
    wishful thinking on my part (just kidding) 🙂
    Anyway, yes, there are other Deutsch speakers on this list, my mother does have a set of Austrian porzellan in cobalt blue as well, and the “Jidisch” reference supports my reference in the previous emails about the Jews being forced to support the porcelain business for a long long time.
    By the way, my parents use the vewrb “essen” and there are all these old American Jewish jokes about ess ess mein kindt from more than a generation ago…

  • Shhh, Maven, the imperative form of “essen” is “iss” (the vowel changes according to the vowel used in the third person singular form). 😉 Those could as well be jokes of German origin though; as I said before, more than one-third of the US American population’s got a German background, and not all German Jews spoke Yiddish (West Yiddish remained more than less confined to the area of earliest Jewish settlement and East Yiddish made its appearance mostly in Berlin with refugees from Czarist Russia).
    Cobalt blue is a particularly nice shade of blue. The decors on the plate on the pic above as well as on the tea set are also painted with real cobalt, gold accents on the tea set (if you think that one is kitschy, look at Russian knock-off versions… *shudder*).
    Here’s a better pic of the tea set (got six cups, saucers & plates): http://www.russporzellan.de/geschirr/002.jpg

    And gee, you know how to break a blogger’s heart (just kidding). 🙂

  • Do you know any mothers from any traditional culture who DON’T say “Eat, eat, my child”?

  • Brings to mind:

    A young Jewish man was seeing a psychiatrist for an eating and sleeping disorder. “I am so obsessed with my mother… As soon as I go to sleep, I start dreaming, and everyone in my dream turns into my mother. I wake up in such a state, all I can do is go downstairs and eat a piece of toast.” The psychiatrist replies: “What, just one piece of toast for a big boy like you?”

  • I feel the same way about the person I love. I actually picked up shattered glass and put it to my chest, but remembered that I’m stronger than that, if he doesn’t like me, as much as it hurts, they’ll be other people. I recently told him that I like him and he told me that he liked someone else -that completely crushed me- but now he looks at me sometimes during lessons and actually smiles at me and we have the odd conversation on Facebook, trust me, it will get better- It’ll be easier

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