A pretty, young woman is asleep as suddenly her bedroom window opens. In flies a vampire. The young woman wakes up; terrified, she grabs the crucifix from her bedside table and holds it out against the vampire. Says the vampire, “Lady, es vert dir nisht helfen.”

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  • It is from Roman Polanski’s Fearless Vampyre Killers… Jewish pub owner, Yoyne becomes a vampyre, gets into the room of his goyish maid, she pulls out a crucifix, and he says “Oy have you got the wrong vampyre”. Brilliant film, worth buying on DVD. Probably the best vampyre comedy ever. This is my favourite scene, Roman Polansky meets gay vampyre son of count Crolock… who gets excited…

  • Shaul, I’ve watched the film a few times. Love it. Alas, I only watched it in its German version, where Yoyne says in response to the crucifix, “Das hilft nur bei alten Vampiren.”

    You know what else is funny? The Count’s b’day is the same as ck’s according to the Sesame Street website.

  • Cool. It’s one of my favourite comedies ever, I must have seen it dozens of times. And has the cooles jew in cinema ever, Yoyne Shagal, father of Sharon Tate (Sarah), pub owner and a vampyre.

  • Another cool vampyre fact… Order of Dracul was founded by a cool woman, Barbara of Celje, wife of holy roman emperor Sigmund…

    The order — which could be compared to the Knights of the Hospital of St. John or even to the Teutonic Order of Knights — was a semi-military and religious society, originally created in 1387 by the Holy Roman Emperor and his second wife, Barbara Cilli. The main goal of such a secret fraternal order of knights was mainly to protect the interests of Christianity and to crusade against the Turks. The boyars of Romania associated the dragon with the Devil and decided to call Vlad’s father “Dracul” — which in Romanian language, means “Devil”; “Dracula” is a diminutive, which means “the son of the Devil.”

    Her life was very intresting, and she seems like a very intresting person. Her life would make a cool movie. She was accused of many things by the church… Alchemy, witchcraft, immoral behaviour. Probably mostly because she wasn’t just a passive wife to Sigmund, but a very independent, intelligent, educated and powerful woman. But there could have been some truth in the accusations. Intellectuals of that time did do a lot of achemy and black magic… I think that Tilda Swinton would be perfect for that role.