honest blog! ok, maybe not Jewlicious, but an album this Jewlicious blogger has been working…and possibly the best Jewish hip hp album ever made. (not a hard contest to win…but still, it’s a damn good album.) Yezzir, … SPIN Magazine and if you can’t read that it says, “The unlikely combo of African American Indie Vet and Israeli American Newbie results in a hilarious kosher wig flip of Biz Markie’s just a friend. Challah!” -SPIN”
grab the “Freestyle Vs. Written” album now from iTunes (here) or off the Modular site (here). Or you could get 1990’s on it and leave your computer to pick it up in stores!


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  • I saw these guys at SXSW, and it was a great show! The crowd loved it. as well. But hey, there’s no need to disparage other Jewish rappers (Heeb Hop). There are some fine ones–of course there’s the Beasties Boys, but also Aesop Rock, MC Paul Barman, Princess Superstar, Remedy, MC Serch, Subliminal, Blood of Abraham and too many others to remember