Check out G-dcast to find out.

Sarah Lefton, Jewlicious Festival presenter in 2005, creator of Jewish Fashion Conspiracy, and all-around Jewish doer in the Bay Area, has launched her latest project, G-dcast.

G-dcast is a place to watch cartoons based on the story Jews are reading in the Torah each week with a different narrator. At four minutes a week, it has a low commitment threshold. New episodes drop Mondays.

G-dcast is an ambitious project. Each week includes a 2-3 page resource guide for teachers, with episode synopsis, Torah portion highlights, insights and questions. This week’s portion is Bereshit.

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  • Oh man! Beat me to it! I was just about to post the same story. Please also note that Sarah Lefton is also an ROI120 alum – both as a participant and as staff. I recall the encouragement she received to make this project happen and I am thrilled that it is now a done deal. Way to persevere Sarah! Let’s also not forget the involvement of the inimitable Matthue Roth, yet another ROI120 alum, as educational director in this project. Yay! The implementation of G-dcast is not just a story about a bunch of cool Jewish videos going up on the Web – it’s a story of vision, innovation and perseverance. I look forward to all the G-dcasts and hopefully next time, I won’t get beaten to the punch by Rabbi Yonah…

  • Well where? We can put it on our blog roll, but it’s not a blog. Although having some sort of viewer discussion for each video might not be a bad idea. Guess we’ll have to serve that function in the meantime.

    So TM. Tell me. What did you like about this video exactly?

    So “vayehi or” means consciousness or awareness. And ultimate awareness is hidden only to be revealed in small measure when we do good deeds.

    Nu? What do you have to say about that? Adam and Eve had ultimate awareness – didn’t seem to help them much when it came to the forbidden fruit. What’s the deal here?

  • awesome. now kids can go to public school and learn how to interact with other humans while still getting the same level of jewish inspiration (or more) than they get in Yeshiva for $12,000 a year per child! Keep up the good work!

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