Yom Kippur is just one of those holidays… I know the hard ass secularists amongst you will not fast or attend services but for the rest of the Jews, it’s like the one day of the year that they deign to set foot in a synagogue. Synagogues have operating expenses and mindful of the increased demand at this time of the year, they tend to sell tickets for services. Expensive, sometimes hard to get tickets. Some find this offensive, but someone’s gotta pay the rent, you know? Besides, with a little planning, there are plenty of synagogues that offer free or affordable services – you just have to plan ahead – call your local Federation or Chabad House, search the Web, check out New York Blueprint, whatever. It’s there if you want it. For the rest of you who haven’t planned in advance and want to attend services at specific high profile synagogues, there’s only one choice – scalpers. But scalping, well, let’s just say it’s bad karma as demonstrated by these two videos, the first created as part of the 2008 24 hour LA Film Race, and the second a snippet from the Larry David Show. Bad Jews – you’ve been warned…

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  • I like the idea. As long as you don’t ask yourself how someone could accumulate enough tickets to be a scalper and, in the case of the first video, why the guy kept saying “Gut Yonteff,” He should have been wishing, “L’shanah tovah” or “Gut yohr.”

  • Indeed Modern Girl. But don’t take it personally… Yes. I just spent the last 20 minutes reading your blog 🙂

  • That is totally University Synagogue in the Larry David clip. I just did a literacy training there for KOREH L.A. (www.korehla.org)