I am heartbroken.

The Jewish world weeps over the brutal murders of Jews, Indians, and others in Mumbai. News of the tragedy spread around the globe in minutes. We are all truly connected.

The response to the tragedy cannot be depression, but hard work.

The way for us to avenge the blood of the murdered is to erect pillars of loving kindness and charity.

Let our own efforts on behalf of the Jewish people be increased to honor the memory of the slain selfless Jews serving the Jewish community.

Shabbat Shalom

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Rabbi Yonah


  • Such a tragedy. So many dead and injured. So many lives and worlds extinguished, and orphans created. So I turned to this week’s parshat (TOLDOT) for any meanings.

    Toldot is the story of Abraham’s generations, and Isaac’s blessing to Jacob instead of Esau; the haftorah is from Malachi. I am drawn to the actions of Sandra Samuel, the Indian nanny who saved Moshe, the 2 year old Jewish son of Rabbi Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg from the Chabad House in Mumbai, and brought him to the David Sassoon Synagogue.

    And so my thoughts are:

    (1) It is mentioned in the parshat that Rivka is from Padan Aram, the fields of Aram. But Padan can mean twin: a place where Laban can be menacing, yet Rivka can be a role model. My lesson to myself is that in the midst of trauma and fear, a person, such as the nanny, can be angelic and focus on saving the life of the boy. When all the world is losing it’s head, you can be selfless in the attempts to save others.

    (2) Jacob craftily answers “I am…..” when queried by his father as to whether he is Esau. In the midst of tragedy and an attack, one must remember who s/he is, and act accordingly, in relation to their true essence

    (3) Malachi rails against those who sacrifice blemished animals to god and don’t give it their all. They wouldn’t cut corners with a governor, but with god, they have no problem with cheating a little. The prophet tells us that the original priest had “true teaching was in his mouth, and injustice was not found on his lips.” We have to remember to give it our all.