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  • You should try singing with a guitar and no t-shirt and see if the situation improves.

    By the way, if ever a post needed an accompanying photograph, this one is it.

  • A pic of my boots or a pic of my earrings? Muffti knows what my boots look like.

    I’ve got guitars and no T-shirts. Think I could save the global economy?

  • In Germany, Chutzpah, but you could also try Manhattan; apparently they’re even more desperate there now, at least desperate enough to lose the snob. But throw on something with a bohemian / hippyish touch. After my insight, I read an article that that style of clothing appeals to men most.

    BTW, I’ll email you later today, had an insanely busy week here.

  • Yes,email me, but I’m kidding, I do not to date bankers or lawyers anymore, that was the mistake I made in the 80’s and wound-up around too many materialistic, self-centered, greed driven yuppies, which is what sent me packing to Israel and the rest is history.

    But really, you must know that telling a single woman to try Manhattan for single men is the equivalent of telling someone stranded in the desert to buy a can of diet coke.

    My daughter says that attempting boho chic at my age is just wrong. I thought I was looking quite hip last night at the Ari Hest/Julian Vilard show in Teaneck but absolutely no one even attempted to look down my sweater.

    Nevertheless, everyone should check these guys out, I heard about them here from one of you. They are beyond talented and very jewlicious! Disclaimer: I make no statements as to their hotness as my gaydar is completely dysfunctional since the American Apparel fiasco.

  • I bet you looked gorgeous. There’s nothing wrong with boho chic at your age, particularly if accessorized with the right attitude. German Instyle even featured different boho stylings for different ages a little while ago. I should scan in the article and mail it over as proof. 🙂

    It’s not so difficult to find single men in Manhattan. Shall I share a few easy steps?

  • Sweetheart, if you have a few easy steps to finding a straight, single, educated 45 year old Jewish man in NYC who is not looking for a 20 or 30-something girl or a VERY wealthy woman (net worth over $300k minimum), I suggest you write them down, copyright it, and sell them for big bucks.

    P.S. Standing on a dark street corner in high heels and a short skirt does not count.