According to the Lebanese newspaper As-Safir, the Lebanese military captured an Israeli spy ring on Saturday. The two men, whose names were not released, supposedly confessed to being Mossad agents. The Lebanese military claims that it has been monitoring these agents for quite some time. They were said to have been in possession of technology and transmitter devices which proves that they were in contact with Israel. This spy ring has supposedly been operating since the late 1980s. It is believed that the men spent a great deal of time in the Western Beqaa Valley. Supposedly, the spys were focusing their espionage activities on Lebanese, Syrian, and Hizbullah military movements, outposts, and secure locations. In addition, the spy ring is believed to have been affiliated with the car-bombing of Hizbullah leader Mughniya in Damascus. The Israeli government has refused to comment on the supposed capture of Mossad agents.

Could it be? Did the Lebanese military really capture two Mossad agents? Its possible. Every country has spies everywhere; strategically you spy on your friends. After all, in an anarchic world order, today’s friends may be tomorrow’s enemies. All the more so with today’s enemies. Some spies even get caught. Eli Cohen, the Israeli Mossad agent who achieved high ranks in Syria, was caught (and gruesomely murdered). This supposed spy ring had been operating for 20 years. 20 Years! How did the Lebanese military only find them now? Did they get reckless? Did the slowly disintegrating Lebanese army suddenly get a lot better? Were they sold out? Or are they some poor schmuks who after days of torture confessed to being Mossad agents, and anything else they were asked to, including starting the Great Fire of London (which was in 1666)? As you may have noticed, I am, frankly, a bit skeptical that these individuals were, in fact, Mossad agents. Even without the the glaring questions of why weren’t their names released? how were they caught? why didn’t the Mossad pull them out of Lebanon if it seemed that their cover was blown? etc., there is still the unfortunate fact that almost every Arab country, at one point or other, has accused some random group of people of being Mossad agents or Israeli spies, and hanged them. In an Arab country, if you don’t like someone, call them an Israeli spy, and they’ll be “taken care of.”

This, however, reminds me of a joke. The CIA, Mossad, and Syrian Intelligence decided to play a game. Each would send 2 agents into a forest to find a special white rabbit. So in they went. After 1 hour, the Israelis returned with the rabbit. An hour later, the Americans returned, having determined that the Israelis had already captured the rabbit. An hour passed… two, and still the Syrians had not returned. The Israelis and Americans decided to mount a search party for their Syrian friends. In they went, were they found a donkey, with a black sack over its head, and all 4 legs tied to trees, being beaten by the Syrians. “Admit it!” shouted the Syrians, ” You’re a rabbit!”

**p.s. the picture at the top is not of real spies. Its from the movie Munich. 😉

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  • That is a pretty funny joke – but a deadly serious subject… I wonder what’s going to happen.

  • Dahlia you write about the coolest stuff. nice layout ck, its very hip.

  • They will probobly hang them in a public hanging in a Beirut square, or they might tie them to a truck and drag them around town like they did to a suspected Israel collaberater in Gaza a few years back.

  • I wandet if th so calld spies ran a successful company that Hezbullah or the Syrian powers wanted? Money for a good Allah fearing organization which was not be forthcoming by Zionist spies, must be taken care of in accordance with the democratic methods of law prevailing in Lebanon.

  • Yoni – thanx! I try.

    Mia* – According to Lebanese law, the only crime punishable by death penalty is child molestation, which is by hanging. That being said, treason, in every country, is a high crime, and would probably get them executed. But I’m not sure it will be by hanging.

    Ray – The Lebanese army arrested them; not Hizbullah or Syria. If Hizbullah wanted them, they would have jsut confiscated the organization themselves. The Lebanese military is highly factional, but at least at present, is not Hizbullah controlled; it is nominally Christian, with large Sunni and Shia Muslim contingents. Further, I don’t think Syria would want to get involved in a supposed Mossad ring in Lebanon – too many problems. If it came otu that the information came from Syria or that Syria was behind the round-up their would be a political fall-out with the West, over Syrian involvement in Lebanon, at a time which such a fall-out would be particularly inconvenient, given the tensions between Syria and the U.S. after the American attack on militants in Syrian territory.

  • Thankx so much for this! I havent been this thrilled by a post for a long period of time! Youve got it, whatever that means in blogging. Anyway, You are certainly someone that has something to say that people need to hear. Keep up the good job. Keep on inspiring the people!