Mr. Ibex, Talya and Sasha at Ein Gedi/Nachal Arugot

Mr.Ibex, Talya and Sasha at Ein Gedi/Nachal Arugot

Sometimes it’s just awesome to be me. Last Friday was one of those days. The gang at Beit Jewlicious prepared for Shabbat early – said preparations rendered much easier thanks to a timely dinner invite to the home of Haim Watzman of the South Jerusalem Blog – and instead of running around Machaneh Yehuda on Friday we headed off to Ein Gedi and a hike to the top of Nachal Arugot. The weather was perfect and thanks to the recent rain, the water levels were spectacular. We saw ibex and fresh water crabs (aka treiff) and just had a perfect day. Usually I would say there is no reason to envy me. But not on that day. Check out the pics below and try not to be too jealous. Thanks to Sasha and Talya for coming along.

Ein Gedi is a nature reserve. It opens at 8 am and closes at 4pm. The hike up Nachal Arugot, past the Hidden Falls, takes a total of about 3.5 hours. Really, drop whatever you are doing and go.

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  • I strongly encourage any and all of my male friends to join us. Any time. Open invitation. The nature is beautiful and you can also enjoy the company of some fine ayshet chayils. You also get to hang out with me but that’s a small price to pay for all the fresh air, nature and beauty.