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  • Sift
    300gr flour
    mix with
    4ts baking powder
    knead in
    150gr quark
    150 gr sugar
    100ml milk
    100ml neutral oil [use olive oil if you hate your guests]
    2 dashes of salt
    vanilla to taste

    Knead for a minute max. Roll on a floured surface to about 1cm thickness. Use a 3″ diametre star-shaped cookie cutter to cut out stars. Fry in neutral oil until golden brown (flip over after about a minute). Drain on kitchen paper. Dust with icing sugar if you want a sweeter taste. This recipe made for 18 stars.

  • So this tastes like a moist muffin?
    No egg?
    How much does it puff up?
    Is this what they call Quarkballchen?

  • It puffed up to about 2.5 to 3-times its thickness. You can make Quarkbällchen that way, then you’d simply form balls out of the dough. An easy, popular thing is to just scoop balls of dough with a tablespoon or roll the dough and cut into diamond-shaped pieces. You can also roll it a little flatter and wrap sheets of dough around plums or chunks of apple before frying. The dough recipe is pretty versatile; you can use it like a yeast dough for sweet cakes and rolls (advantage: no rising time needed) or unsweetened for a pizza base. You’d only add an egg for a softer dough you don’t roll, e.g. for a plum cake base.

  • OK – thanks and happy Chanuka!

    This looks like it might help me during the year also – I am looking for a quick, hot breakfast my kids can take with them on the bus.

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