GRAND PRIZE $1000 or Trip to Festival

Are you the next Spielberg, Brooks, Allen or Coen Brothers? Want your film to be seen around the country? Create a short film on a Jewish subject and you could win a huge cash prize or win a trip to Jewlicious Festival. Winning films will be shown at Jewlicious Festival and film festivals around the country. This nationwide film competition is for young filmmakers age 18-26. Submissions will be accepted until Midnight, February 11th, 2009.

All films will be eligible for two awards- the Grand Jury Prize, and the Audience Award. The Grand Jury Prize will be chosen by a panel of veteran filmmakers from Hollywood and New York. The Audience Award will be chosen via online voting.

COST: There is no cost to enter – one film per filmmaker.

ELIGIBILITY: Films up to 5 min, made by filmmakers aged 18-26, pertaining to Jewish Identity

PRIZES: $1000 prize for winner or trip to festival, plus 2nd and 3rd Place prizes

ENTRY: Entries must be submitted through this official channel only.

1. Upload your video to your YouTube account.
2. Share it with us (JewishFilmComp)
3. Send an email to JewishFilmCompetition@gmail.com with “REGISTER” in the headline. You will receive a registration email to sign up, and that’s it!
4. Public voting will begin when the submission period has ended.

The top 10 films with the most votes will make the finals. The 3 winning films will be chosen by a panel of Jewish Film & TV Professionals. Audience Award will be determined by online voting.

A selection of the films will be screened at the Jewlicious Festival in Long Beach, CA in February 27-March 1, 2009 and Jewish Film Festivals around the world!
Have questions? Contact: jewishfilmcompetition@gmail.com

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Rabbi Yonah


  • i have a question to ask, its sort of a religious question and i know this isnt a religious blog but i have tried chabad.org and ask moses and non have them answered my question.

    ok here goes

    the torah says ishmael is a wild “donkey” of a man and his hand was against everyone,

    so my question is, how can ishmael be wild if he was half hebrew and half egyptian?????

    the ancient egyptians at that time had the worlds greatest cities and monuments, they were the best engineers and builders during that time in the middle east
    and ishmael inherited the best of both worlds, his father was abraham the great prophet(pbuh) and his mother was a decent egyptian woman, considering the fact that abraham later brought her back after sarah died

    also why do all israeli rabbis use the torah passage to call all arabs wild??

    even though the egyptians are not the ancestors of the arab nation

    where did i find out the fact that rabbis call arabs as wild as ishmael, from all the jewish websites, and those websites were liberal ones

    man my question is a long winded one isnt it

  • i know what your answers are going to be ,you are going to say all arabs are bad and wild due to their terrorism, but even with the terrorism the arabs can never compare with the body count reached by america and europe(ww1,ww2,korean war,vietnam war, economic sanctions on iraq,iraq war, congo war,extermination of natives of south america and north america)

    so i repeat how can hashem call ishmael a wild donkey of a man when he himself showed him favour and brought him back to abraham and his brother jacob never foguht against ishmael?????

    it seems like the torah was chnaged to criticise ishmael