I think the kids call it Chrismukkah – a unique modern day holiday celebration that combines Hanukkah and Christmas for those families that have members of the Christian and/or Jewish persuasion. Chrismukkah is supposed to be a warm event that celebrates tolerance and diversity, but all to often, multi-faith marriages leave the children confused or annoyed and what is meant to inspire diversity ends up inspiring nausea and annoyance. Why? Because kids are smart and they have a low threshold for bullshit. They know that Mommy and Daddy aren’t particularly good practitioners of whatever religion they are ostensibly commemorating and the whole exercise ends up being, shallow, meaningless and comes at the expense of quality Guitar Hero or wii Tennis time. This song, called “Light the Fucking Candles” by Seattle songstress Eva Moon, with its “early days of punk rock” influence, really best captures the spirit of these interfaith times:


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