In describing Israel’s Operation Cast Lead against terrorists in Gaza, some have used words like “Genocide” and “Massacre” to describe the conduct of the IDF. The following video demonstrates the accuracy of these characterizations in no uncertain terms.

Hat tip: Harry and Israel21c

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  • Oh good, that’s such a relief. No civilians have died in Gaza! Whew!

    For the record, I also abhor the massacre, genocide and holocaust language coming out of the pro-Palestinian loudmouths.

    However, I find just as insidious the use of Hamas as a moral “Get Out of Jail Free” card to justify Israel counting on the suffering of Gazan civilians as collateral against Hamas. If Israel kills a civilian, it’s not NOT Israel’s fault, it’s just HALF her fault. Israel and Hamas together share the shame.

  • Irrespective of my feelings against Cast Lead…

    What the HELL is up with all these ubiquitous pictures of mangled Palestinian kids? It’s sickeningly pornographic. Nobody would publish pictures like that of dead Americans – not from Iraq, 9/11, the Santa massacre, or anything else – because we would consider it disgusting, tasteless and highly disrespectful to the dead and their loved ones. Israel doesn’t release pictures like that, thank God. Who wants their mangled child displayed as “example of dead kid from ***** event”??

    Jeff Goldberg at the Atlantic has a story about seeing a Hamas dude unwrap a sheath from a death baby, put him on top of some rubble, and wait an hour for the photographers to show up.

    I also heard a Palestinian on TV talk about how 4 kids were killed by a bomb while playing on the roof. Ummm – who let them play on the roof during an aerial bombing? And what kind of parent (Ghayan) brings his kids with him when he knows he’s a target?

  • Lauren: I call it “Porno for Pacifists” or “Porno for Peaceniks”.

  • The oh-so-brave Israeli soldiers, who shoot women in the back and kill children for fun, seem to be at it again. Israel must be very proud of their brave baby killers as they have asked them to once again go into Gaza and indiscriminately kill men, women and children with impunity. And of course their god must be very pleased also, after all, their religion is filled with god’s favorite ways to kill.
    So let’s acknowledge to these brave IDF baby killers, Israel must be very proud of them.

  • My heart goes out to all the victims of ethnic cleansing. God save us

  • All this over a rock! We have rock in america too, ie CRACK! God I love watching people kill each other!P.S. Napalm sticks to kids!

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  • You seem so willing to kill babies, where’s my sex change?