OK, so today’s holiday of Tu B’Shvat is in fact about the trees – it’s the new year of the trees in fact. Customs related to this holiday include planting trees, eating dry fruit and nuts – especially almonds which are in bloom in Israel at this time. Tsfat Mystic Rabbi Isaac Luria instituted a Tu B’Shvat seder where special meaning was ascribed to the fruits and nuts of the land of Israel.

Do it for the trees...

Do it for the trees...

So clearly we can see an ecological element to this holiday. Thus this is an opportune time to mention the various green initiatives that will be taking place at the Jewlicious Festival. First of all, in keeping with our Greenkeit Manifesto, the Jewlicious Festival will be run in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Our Sunday morning event is a very “green” bike ride to the beach where breakfast will be served. Do check out the Greenkeit manifesto as it contains tips that you can use even outside the context of the Festival – like the suggestion that you uh… shower with a buddy…

Of course with all this talk of trees blooming and sap running and people showering together, one cannot ignore the bootylicious aspects of this season. I know that in most of the US and Europe it’s still very cold but here in Israel, even in Jerusalem, the weather’s been positively balmy. Everyone seems to be in a good mood and it might not be a bad opportunity to, you know, fill your dance card.

One of our long term supporters, JMatch.com has certainly been doing its share to make it easy and fun to find Jewish activity partners of the opposite sex. A recent visit to their site shows services like live chat, live video conferencing and a bevvy of babes with whom you can uh… share a shower with. Less water for you, more water for agriculture! Check out JMatch.com – do it for the trees! I’m not kidding. There’s a facebook group for people in Israel who want to preserve water resources by bathing together. This is serious you guys!

See you at Jewlicious Festival 5.0!

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  • Uh oh… your secret is out. yes folks, TM is a cute, long haired post-op transsexual with a propensity for wet threesomes. Sorry.

  • So I’m not the only person on the planet who showers with his clothes on.

  • Send those two ladies over and i’ll do it for the birds,the bees and trees.Oh we can not forget the fruit

  • Dude, I know the difference between Tu B’Av and Tu B’Shvat. But the weather here has been so balmy, and the almond trees are in bloom – I mean it’s kinda spring like and so it’s natural to think about… you know, booty!

  • CK i always think about you know booty reguardless of the season.Ah froylein when are you going treat us with you know a picture of your booty but i will settle for an elbow or maybe a toe.Come on do it for the trees

  • holy crap, are those babes from israel?

    man, i should be more pro environmental from now on

    the babe on the left is a bit chubby though

  • Yeah bashful gov but those hippie chic dont shave anywhere and many have more body hair then Ron Jeremey.But it looks like these ladies use there nair.

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