So tonight is the first official event of the Spring Tour with “Cool Jew Night” @ SUNY Rockland at 7 pm. Rumor has it there is a Cool Jew Contest in the works, cool Maui Wowie drinks to be had, and some kind of Cool Jew cookies in the offing. I’m curious to see it all unfold… S’all free and kosha, so if you’re in the ‘hood, come join in!

Big news: Wednesday may be the first time a Jewlicious presenter hits XM Satellite Radio. Cool Jew will make her debut on XM Channel 156 and Sirius Channel 195 at 5 am, 1pm, 7pm EST. The show will air again Sunday at 7am EST.

If you’re not a subscriber, never fear. For a free three-day trial sub (no credit card required), click here.

At, you can also get more information about Oprah XM Satellite Radio Channel 156 and the “Dr. Maya Angelou Show.”

Meanwhile, stay tuned for deets on the upcoming Jewlicious Passover giveaway sponsored by Cool Jew and Modern Tribe!

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