Maybe If You Were Close to Being a Rich Man
Hipster kid #1: Kelsey, have you ever seen Fiddler on the Roof?
Hipster kid #2: No. I'm not a fan of Tennessee Williams.
Hipster kid #3: Um, I think you're thinking of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.
Hipster kid #2: Yeah, whatever. I was close.

Missouri Botanical Gardens
St. Louis, Missouri

Overheard by: tennessee williams' groupie
via Overheard Everywhere, Mar 2, 2009

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  • This is how rumors start:

    “Tennessee Wiliams overheard fiddling with groupie’s pussy in the St. Louis botanical gardens”

    …yes I know I’m crass.

    It wasn’t as if this post was high literature to start off with.
    ; )

  • A curry; I got this curry book, and there’s a curry with cauliflower, courgettes and carrots I’d like to try out:
    1 small cauliflower
    6 small carrots
    4 small courgettes
    1 red chili pepper
    3 tbsp ghee
    1 tsp ground curcuma
    1/2 tsp grated ginger
    1 tsp cumin
    ground pepper
    400 ml coconut milk
    juice of 1/2 a lemon

    Chop & steam veggies in salted water. Turn the rest into a sauce, add veggies. Sounds pretty easy.

  • I love how folks come together here around food. Maybe Cut the Crap has some good recipes!

  • Froylein, I am so susceptible to suggestion. I made your curry last night. It was delicious. Although I put schug on it to amp up the spiciness. Btw- how should I feel about buying Iranian saffron?

  • I made a chicken curry with peanuts and broccoli today. Fresh fish tastes good; it starts tasting odd when it gets old. But it also depends on the type of fish, e.g. catfish mostly eat crap, so the older they get, the worse not only their taste gets but also their load of toxins.

  • My guess is that the saffron flavor would get lost in something as heavily seasoned as a curry. For that money – I’d put the saffron in the rice to better experience the flavor, and see if I like it.

    My favorite part of Indian cooking is sauteing the spice pods until they pop. My least favorite is chopping all those ingredients! But both curries and wok dishes go very quickly once you turn on the stove.

    Try cashews instead of peanuts.

  • I’ll try the recipe out today, so I’ll see how it goes.

    I use Fiskars knives, which are a blast.

    One of my cats loves curries; she had two plates full yesterday. When I make a really hot Thai curry, she gulps it down and then moves on to drinking a whole pot of milk with as Stoic an expression as a cat could possibly display. (It’s the one on the right.)

    I occasionally use cashews, but they’re considerably more expensive here (about ten times more expensive than peanuts).

  • Nope, they’re steel knives from Finland, but in contrast to most kitchen knives these days that are stainless steel, you can sharpen them yourselves using their convenient and safe sharpener. I found out they have got a range of spectacularly good (yet affordable) kitchen knives when one of my brothers bought a Fiskars axe for cutting wood for the outdoor fireplace we built together. (A student of mine, whose father runs a large farm, recommended Fiskars axes as the best quality ones.) Since then, I’ve bought a full range of all kinds of kitchen knives, scissors and garden tools from them.
    See here:

  • Muffti should know that Kelsey has occasionally complimented me, so I try to do him justice cause I can be nice actually. It’s a “do ut des”-arrangement.