cole-and-colbertJuan Cole, one of my least favorite apologists for radical Islam, flawed critic of Israel, and totally unjewlicious, was on The Colbert Report.

You might remember Juan from the many times we have discussed him here. How he lied and claimed that Ahmadinejad never said “Wipe Israel off the map.”

I don’t have the time or patience to go over his convoluted ideas. However, his basic thesis in Engaging the Muslim World is that America is not engaging 1 billion Muslims, 90 percent of Muslims are against “terror” (he never defines it), and that the guys marching Death to America in the Muslim street all want visas to come to visit Disneyland.Wow, that means they love America, right Juan? Coming to a great terror target built by an anti-Semitic creep really drives home a vision of tolerance.

Cole’s hallucinatory ideas: that wanting a visa to live let’s say in Minneapolis, or Dearborn, the largest Muslim American enclave, makes a guy who calls for “Death to America” actually a real American patriot in training. It is terribly unconvincing, especially with the reports that Somali Muslim youth are being recruited in the US to wage Jihad in Somalia.

Watching this video is SO very liberating. Watch Cole giddy and nerdy sitting across from Colbert. Cole seems a lot less threatening to Israel and the world sitting opposite Colbert.

The best line:

Cole: This book is a wonderful tour tour guide…
Colbert: Alright! This is like “Let’s Go Muslim?”

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  • From an ADC release, 14- December- 1999

    In a town hall meeting with high school students this afternoon, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy decried what he called the “abysmal ignorance” of Islam and the Muslim world in the United States and called on Americans to search for greater understanding of Islam and Muslims.

    In his remarks on changes he has seen since his appointment to the Court and his hopes for the future, Justice Kennedy said that “I hope that in the next century we will come to terms with our abysmal ignorance of the Muslim world. Muslims aren’t a bunch of wackos and nuts. They are decent, brilliant, talented people with a great civilization and traditions of their own, including legal traditions. Americans know nothing about them. There are people in that part of the world with whom we are simply out of touch. That’s a great challenge for the next century.”