Tent city in Darfur.

Tent city in Darfur.

Todays news:

The California Assemble balked at a resolution in honor of the 50th Anniversary since the Tibetan revolt against Chinese occupation and subjugation. The Democratic leadership doesn’t want to upset the Chinese – who hold the purse strings apparently. The Chinese government reps in San Fran actively lobbied against the measure.

Darfurians are losing fast – with international aid groups being booted from the country. Darfur activists got the Sudanese President labeled a war criminal, so now he has nothing to loose by continuing to be a war-criminal. Democrats sit and wring their hands.

President Obama will delay recognizing the Genocide of Armenians at the hands of the Turks. Don’t want to irk the Turks because we need their “help” with Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, etc.

Notice a trend?

So what will be with all talk about social justice, freedom, Darfur…. will there be any political capital to back it up?

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