Published on March 14, 2019

All pet parents do their best to keep their children safe, healthy and fit. Tech manufacturers know that pet owners are willing to spend great cash on purchasing everything their little ones need, and sometimes even buying things they do not actually need. If you are new to being a pet owner but you want to purchase for your fluff ball everything on Earth this list will help you cut down the items and stick with the essential ones.

Your pet will need an automatic feeder

People nowadays have busy schedules but this does not mean that they cannot be great pet parents. With the help of the right gadget, you can make sure that your fluff will get the food they need while you are away from home. An automatic feeder is an essential gadget for all pet parents because it will offer your four-legged friend the exact amount of food they need. You can set it to automatically dispense a certain amount of food and some of them allow you to record your voice to call the pet when the mealtime comes.

The fluff needs a comfortable and warm place to sleep

Both cats and dogs want to have a cosy place where to sleep, to make them feel comfortable you should check the market for a self-warming pet bed. This gadget reflects the same body heat as your pet and it keeps the bed warm for when they will want to sleep or cuddle. This device does not require any electrical power, it features a cover made from faux lamb wool plush and corduroy covers that generate heat.

An automatic laser toy for active cats

You want to keep your cat entertained even when you are not at home. With an automatic laser toy, like the one you can buy here you will keep your fluff ball happy and active. This gadget has some with multiple characteristics and you can set the feature your cat loves the most.

A self-cleaning litter box

People love cats but they hate scooping out their litter boxes. Well, you have a solution for this; you can buy for your cat an automatic self-cleaning litter box. The dirt will disappear before you even know it was there. When the cat will leave the box the waste will be separated from the sand and it will be dumped into a bag-lines carbon filter drawer. You will get a notification to know when the drawer is full and you have to empty it.

A GPS tracking collar

Both cats and dogs have the habit of leaving their homes when they are not supervised. If you will attach a GPS tracking collar to their neck, you will have peace of mind because you will constantly know where the pet is. Some gadgets have numerous other functions therefore you can find on the market a device that measures the activity level of the pet and sends you recommendations on what aspects require change. You can complete the list of additions with a high-tech pet door that opens only when it feels the collar of the pet is approaching.

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