It might be just my (limited) impression, but do you know anybody who is happy with the new layout of a popular social networking site? I, for one, am not happy about it.

So, what do women do if they’re not happy with something and want it to change? Right! They get “passive-aggressive” (whoever coined that term must have disliked his mum big time). Basically, to me it’s (that social networking site, that is) more of a pastime than a hobby as hobbies are productive. So now I’ll just ignore that social networking site until it improves or makes the old layout optional. In the meantime, I’ll be spending more time again on my productive hobbies. (In contrast to what social networking sites try to make you believe, does anybody really care what somebody else’s hobbies are?) Additionally, I figured I’ll be making up for times of limited productivity by – hold your breath – planting a tree. Apparently, this would make me be in good company: Bette Midler teamed up with MillionTreesNYC last year to make Der Groiser Appl a greener city to reside in.

Through a mix of public and private plantings, MillionTreesNYC, an important initiative of PlaNYC, will expand New York City’s urban forest by 20%. All New Yorkers will share in the many benefits that come from planting trees – more beautiful neighborhoods and parks; cleaner air and water; higher property values; energy savings; cooler summer streets, yards, and public open spaces; and a healthier, more environmentally sustainable City. MillionTreesNYC will get New Yorkers involved in the planting and caring of trees for the next decade.


“I urge every New Yorker to dig in and be a part of Million Trees NYC,” said NYRP Founder Bette Midler. “It’s the responsibility of our city’s corporations and foundations, developers, block associations, policymakers, home owners and renters – all New Yorkers – to create a million living, growing legacies that will enhance our beloved city and sustain the world for generations to come. To walk under the branches of a tree that you have planted connects you to the roots of our past and the aspirations of our future.”

I’d like to add that research on the effects of the built environment of hospitals on patients’ recovery has determined that 3rd-degree burn patients that were exposed to “nature” or views of nature felt considerably less pain during treatments / change of bandages. Similar studies suggest that live plants, indeed, lift people’s moods. So, even if you cannot plant a tree in your garden, that bouquet of flowers you could treat somebody to might work wonders on them. Or just be cheap. Your choice.

Anyhow, back to our topic, I’ve purchased seeds for a cercidiphyllum japonicum, which, if all goes well, will stand 3.50 metres tall someday and smell good. Take that, popular social networking site with an unpleasant new layout!

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