Or not? You decide…

More info about the latest rapping yid at thedailykush.com. His album “Asleep in the Bread Aisle” is set to hit stores on April 20th. Lots of buzz on this boy even though he’s not Hassidic and is unlikely to appear at a Jewlicious Festival any time soon.

Though you never know…

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  • Hey, he’s good.

    I’ll be sure not to show this video to my son. Based on the contents, I think we should introduce Asher to Amy Winehouse.

  • I watched that clip a couple of days ago and found it pretty pathetic and “forced”; that’s why I refrained from posting it…

  • I agree froylein.It seemed like amatuer hour and for some reason reminded of SmashMouth.CK I thought Eshy was the Jewish Eminem or LEAST HE THINKS IS.They are both pretty sub-Par though.

  • May I ask, as a HUGE Eminem fan, how does he resemble him in any way, shape, or form? Not his music, rhymes, is physicatlity resemble him at all. You failed at life.

  • dbackmaniac : I said a “Jewish” Eminem. Besides, we’re just funnin! Don’t take this characterization too seriously. We meant no disrespect to Eminem.

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