The man runs a dictatorship that gets hundreds of millions in US Aid, and has a peace treaty with Israel. He says in a recent interview with NPR, that Israel is the problem in the region, and that Israel needs to decide to be a good neighbors.

Its not lack of freedom, terrorism, water resources, discrimination of women, minorities, etc etc. that might be part of the cause for the lack of peace. Nah!

No, this Oxford educated political genius, pegs it all on Israel. Wow that is so original.

The ultimate “prize” for the Israelis, King Abdullah said, is recognition by the 57 Arab and Muslim nations that don’t have relations with the Jewish state. He says Israel is at a critical juncture now and has to decide whether it wants to be “integrated into the neighborhood” or continue to be “fortress Israel.”

When you listen to the interview, in almost sounds like he is saying that Israel is at a juncture. . . for existence. You listen, and tell me that I am not dreaming this up.

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