. . . At least according to an opinion piece in today’s Jewish Journal by Persian Community leaders, David Peyman and Sam Yebri.

He then made a startling observation — that whether Israel should continue to exist as a Jewish state or whether Hamas’ grievances are valid and justified … “that’s where the debate is going.”


Having been a reader of the LA Times since we arrived on the West Coast nearly five years ago, I have seen the paper become more and more anti-Israel. Their coverage? Anything that paints Israel in a poor light is front page news.

There is a parade of lies that populate the Letter to the Editor section. It seems any racist that hates Jews and Israel is allowed to vent themselves.

Articles with scathing criticism of Israel clearly outnumber anything remotely negative about the Palestinians – perhaps CAMERA has some stats.

Then the rub – LA times publishing the op-ed piece from Hamas during the Gaza War. No counterpart from the Israeli side. Nada.

The Persian Jewish leaders quoted above had arranged a meeting with the LA Times Opinion Editor because of the perceived bias, and were allowed in the door. They were treated courteously. The meeting was civil. However the banality of the evil expressed in the phrase “whether Israel should continue to exist as a Jewish state” demands that the Jewish community wake-up.

They published a piece in 2007 from Saree Makdisi, a UCLA professor who claimed that the paper was heavily pro-Israel. “In the war of words, The Times is Israel’s ally: The paper consistently adopts Israel’s language, giving credence to an inaccurate, simplistic and dangerous cliche.” The piece went on to question the right of Israel to exist. Honest Reporting took action on this piece and questioned at the time whether the LA Times believed Israel had a right to exist.

CAMERA wrote in 2004 “the LA Times’ reporters and others should report more fairly and fully about Israeli military operations and include context about Palestinian children being callously encouraged by their teachers and leaders to place themselves in the line of fire.

The LA Times is owned by Tribune company, owned by Sam Zell, and their phone number is 888-287-7568. Gary Weitman is Senior Vice President for Corporate Relations and can be reached directly at gweitman@tribune.com.

Eddy W. Hartenstein is the Publisher and Chief Executive Officer of the Los Angeles Times since August 2008. E-mail: readers.rep@latimes.com, Telephone message line: (877) 554-4000

The LA Times which has been hurting for years – well before the recession – can’t afford to lose many readers. They might react to a mob of letters and phone calls that threaten to cancel their subscriptions and switch to more Israel friendly media.

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