Super Jew Nerd Einstein used his defective genes to help the world.

Super Jew Nerd Einstein used his defective genes to help the world.

Jews have higher IQ’s because they were money lenders in Europe with big families, have defective genes that give them an unfair IQ advantage over their European counterparts, and have a propensity for nasty genetic diseases. Our genetic superiority makes us inferior. Yes!

In the article “Is Jewish Legacy Inscribed on Genes”, the author Karen Kaplan made little effort to deliver actual news. Rather, she let herself and the LA Times launch a mainstream, antisemitic canard that Jews’ intellectualism is racially and genetically based. In other words, we Jews can’t help being rich nerds. This so-called group evolutionary biology, loved, adored, and worshiped by the Anti-Semites, holds that Jews are racially different and capable of great evil because of their superior IQ’s over regular White Europeans. The subjects of this story are the latest pseudo-scientists that use their PhD’s in other fields to pursue this Jewish genetic racist theory. They are white, non-Jewish Christian men, with something akin to gene envy. Gregory Cochran, Jason Hardy, and Henry Harpending’s research paper Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence is porn for anti-Semites.

Jews first came to Europe in the 8th and 9th centuries, long before they were known for intellectual prowess, Cochran and Harpending say. They worked as traders before taking financial jobs made available by Christians who were forbidden by the Church from charging interest. By 1100, local registries listed most Ashkenazi Jews as lenders.

That set the stage for natural selection to do its work, Cochran and Harpending theorized. Jews didn’t intermarry, keeping their gene pool closed. They were subjected to periodic persecution, which kept the population from outgrowing its professional niche.

According to the theory, the smartest individuals made the most money, and the wealthiest families had the most surviving children. The genes of the most intelligent Jews spread most, slowly raising the average IQ of the entire group.

Over 40 generations — roughly 1,000 years — an increase of just 0.3 points per generation would have added up to a cumulative advantage of 12 points, Cochran and Harpending theorized. Some of their other models projected a benefit of 16 to 20 IQ points.

Certified, grade “A”, genuine Bull Sh*t. Oh sorry, that isn’t very eloquent.

Jews came to Europe almost one thousand years earlier. They were traders, artisans, and did all kinds of jobs. There were smart Jews, strong Jews, dumb Jews, persecuted Jews, converted Jews, hapless and lucky Jews. But you cannot build a unified theory of racism against Jews looking at the facts, so they make up facts, and history. The authors of the study already believed that Jews were racially inferior/superior. Then they built a theory with flimsy and non-existent evidence to back it up. They use some legitimate research to make themselves look good to the untrained eye.

You can read it here.

I looked over their bibliography and as I had suspected, they use Kevin McDonald, a disgraced, Anti-Semitic, Long Beach State professor, as a source. His book A People That Shall Dwell Alone is a antisemitic best-seller of sorts, that laid the groundwork for his racist ideology. The Department of Anthropology, at the University of Utah, where they are based, is the leading positive review of McDonald’s Book. McDonald asserts that a suite of traits that he attributes to Jews, including higher-than-average verbal intelligence and ethnocentricism, have eugenically evolved to enhance the ability of Jews to out-compete non-Jews for resources while undermining the power and self-confidence of the white majorities in Europe and America. Source.

Jews aren’t smarter or dumber. Our cultures value literacy, learning and intellectually curiosity. Sadly, the author, and the LA Times don’t.

Feel free to use your Jewish or Jew-friendly Genes to write a few love letters to the editors, publishers, the owners, and the University of Utah.

And now a word from our friend and teacher, Rav Shmuel – his video “Protocols” has been viewed over 100,000 times and counting:

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  • “This so-called group evolutionary biology, loved, adored, and worshiped by the Anti-Semites”

    THE anti-semites? C’mon, not all anti-semites buy into evo-bio. There’s probably a good amount of suspicion among them about the field, given that so many evolutionary biologists are in fact Jewish.

    “The subjects of this story are the latest pseudo-scientists that use their PhD’s in other fields to pursue this Jewish genetic racist theory.”

    It’s true not many universities award doctorates in Jewish Genetic Racist Theory, but what PhD’s do Cochran, Hardy and Harpending hold?

    “Certified, grade “A”, genuine Bull Sh*t.”

    A few years ago when the paper by CHH came out, the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research in New York City invited Steven Pinker to talk about it. He didn’t consider it bull. For those interested, the lecture is archived on their website under the title “Jews, Genes and Intelligence”.

    A friend who worked at YIVO managed to score me a ticket to the lecture. Upon noting that the event was sold out, she said “Nothing Jews like more than getting together and talking about how smart they are!”

  • Their so-called research is BS.

    The PhDs are in Anthro, physics, not Genetics

    Yes – perhaps there are anti-Semites who are not in favor of this theory.

  • “The research is BS.”

    It is a testable hypothesis. Do the test that Steven Pinker suggested at the end of the article then you can say whether it is BS or not.

  • “This so-called group evolutionary biology, loved, adored, and worshiped by the Anti-Semites”

    Utter garbage. Read Steven Pinker’s ‘The Blank Slate’.

  • Jon Entine wrote a book called ‘Abraham’s Children: Race, Identity, and the DNA of the Chosen People’ which discussed Ashkenazi IQ.

    Here is Pinker’s paper on the Cochran & Harpending paper in New Republic.

    “So the evidence that Ashkenazi disease genes boost intelligence is extremely iffy. Still, the hypothesis is testable: compare the IQs in a large sample of sibling pairs, one of whom is a carrier of a disease gene, the other a non-carrier. If the carriers are not smarter, the hypothesis is wrong. The study could easily be done in Israel, with its centralized records of health care, education, and military service.”

  • to counter this argument, which comes up again & again, maybe it would be useful to
    compile a list of dumb jews.

  • I read that article and I wasn’t impressed. I must come from one of the dumb lines of stock.

  • Brian,
    There are zero proofs – just lots of theories. The entire eugenic movement aims at its root to pin desirable or undesirable character traits to immutable group characteristics for the purpose of discrimination. Whether you buy into their theory or not, the purpose is clearly to show that Jews have some kind of unfair advantage based on genetic mutation.

    Studying genetic mutations for the purpose of curing genetic disease is NOT on their agenda.

  • James: Are you saying with a serious face that if you have a PHd that any research you do is 100% true and accurate even if your research is not in the field you received this advanced degree in?

    By your logic I can get a PHd in Art History and then Dr. Long Beach Chasid PHd can publish a paper about just about anything and be credible.

    This could be good.

    As for the article it is complete drek and another case of the inferiority complex gene that has mutated in Non Jewish Europeans.

  • “The entire eugenic movement aims at its root to pin desirable or undesirable character traits to immutable group characteristics for the purpose of discrimination.”

    Not necessarily. If you can identify how to increase ability, cognitive or otherwise then gene therapies could be developed to help remove inequalities.

    “Whether you buy into their theory or not, the purpose is clearly to show that Jews have some kind of unfair advantage based on genetic mutation.”

    But don’t you think it is also dangerous to have a blank slate view? I think Steven Pinker & David Friedman have pointed out that successful minorities have tended to be the subject of persecution (Chinese in Malaysia, Armenian Jews). If everyone is equal then one group’s success may be seen as being due to some cheating, discrimination or unfair practice. That obviously causes resentment.

  • Comment from the LA Times’ article’s comments section:

    It is obvious to any objective observer that Jews have a higher proportion of successful scientists than most other ethnic groups. It is non-Jews who have made them that way through centuries of persecution with pogroms and the Holocaust. Dumb Jews simply did not survive. To think otherwise is simply to deny the truth of evolution and the survival of the fittest.

    I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  • I’m totally OK with being smarter than everyone else. I do think Jews are smarter, and I do think it has to do with our genetics. It also has to do with environmental influences, like naggy mothers, but naggy mothers do not increase your IQ, just your work ethic.

    Look at your friends. Almost all of my Jewish friends have advanced degrees. Lawyers, Doctors, even social work. They still have a Masters or better. My other high school friends haven’t gone anywhere. I’m not saying that all non-Jews are stupid, but that Jews, on average, are smarter than non-Jews.

    I’m smart, and I’m glad I’m smart. I don’t know how many advantages there are to being a minority, but I’ll take what I can get.

  • “James: Are you saying with a serious face that if you have a PHd that any research you do is 100% true and accurate even if your research is not in the field you received this advanced degree in?”

    Uh, no. Evo-bio is a new field, and it certainly draws on at least some of the disciplines of the authors of the research in question. If you look at the Pinker lecture, you’ll find a thorough examination of the methodology and analysis used in the CHH paper. Is the scientific method being applied? It seems so. Are the conclusions definitive? No.

    Given that Jews are a long-lived and highly endogamous population, it makes sense that those in evo-bio would find merit in studying us. Must we assume that they are motivated by bad intentions?

    So far I’m unimpressed with the bulk of what I’ve read on evo-bio; the stuff reminds me of Rudyard Kipling’s “Just So Stories”. Nevertheless it’s a new field and time will tell, and in the meantime there are surely better things to do than write letters of outrage to the University of Utah. If you think otherwise, don’t forget to write a letter of outrage to YIVO for having the nerve to give the CHH paper thoughtful consideration.

  • What kind of Jewish Mother would name her son James?

    Are your siblings Peter Paul and Mary?

    Its rather sad that with such advanced degrees someone would spend so much time and money researching this kind of drek when there are diseases and destruction screaming out for a cure and solution.

    Bottom line is Jews are the chosen people no matter how much the world tries to destroy us we will rise up again and again.

    How else could we build a country in 60 years what took the rest of the world hundreds if not thousands of years to accomplish.

    Jews FTW!

    • British and American largesse. Did your overindulgent parents inculcate this racism in you or are you oblivious to what you have acquired and regurgitate?

  • Jews aren’t smarter or dumber. Our cultures value literacy, learning and intellectually curiosity.

    That just happens to lead to breeding more of others who are capable at “literacy, learning and intellectually curiosity.”

  • I am Jewish. I have 3 autoimmune diseases and was born with a congenital heart defect. I am currently completing simultaneously my M.S. and OMD. Whatever advantages I may or may not have in intelligence, and that is debatable, clearly my genes are sub par for health, kind of like someone who is inbred. I’m not a self hating Jew, but I disagree with the hypothesis of eugenics. Diversity in a species makes it thrive. Jews have a higher incidence of genetic diseases because our genes have not dispersed as much as some other races. Some insurance companies would not insure Ashki Jews for this reason.

  • Not Jewish, just snooping. I’m an agnostic Chicano. I hope that all you good Jewish folks reject this kind of talk even if it involves positive traits. There are millions of bigots in this country and once Pandora’s box is open to the pseudo-scientists it will get ugly. First off, I know I’m screwed, there is plenty of angry sentiment toward people like me. But, as for you all, first it’s that you have a gene that makes you smarter, then you have one that gives you such and such disease, but then the bigots start piling out of the woodwork and suddently find a gene that makes you greedy or whatever else hate-mongering they can come up with. I’m with you all. Much love.

  • hey, i’m not jewish, or even a follower of a faith, but i used to believe that jewish people were good as bank tellers and marketing executives, then i learned to read and write. ok, i’m kidding, i’m not anti-semitic, in fact i’m pro-semitic, only because i knnow that the culture of judaism has long been immersed in knowledge, and honestly, you can’t be genetically smarter, thats the kinda dumb*ss stuff xenophobes are afraid of, all you can do is make yourself a better person. but i don’t believe that all white european men are anti-semetic, but actually, i’m kind of tired of that term, because semitic includes not just jews but also arabs, i’m talking nationally or ethnically or racially, whatver. the point i’m trying to make is that there is no way at all that you’re born with intelligence.

  • “It is a testable hypothesis.”

    Yes, Brian, the hypothesis is testable. There is a 50% intermarriage rate among American Jews in the past couple of decades. If Jewish education levels were genetic, we would have seen those levels plummet from the introduction of non-Jews to the gene pool. This has not happened. So, we can rule out genes as the reason for so many Jews with advanced degrees.

    Actually the high intermarriage rate makes any talk about “Jewish Genes” pointless. Jews may be a people, but we definitely are not a genetically distinct population.

  • Actually, one historic fact helps explain the high education level of American Jews. During WWII half of fighting age male American Jews enlisted. The only other ethnicity in the US to enlist a higher percentage was the Chineese Americans. With the GI bill, this meant that a very high percentage of Jews could go to college in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. This reenforced a college education as the cultural norm among American Jews. In 2008, 57% of American Jews age 25 or older had a college degree acording to the American Religious Identification Survey. Compare this to the Haaretz report that 45 of Israelis age 25 to 64 had a college degree in 2004.

  • If education levels resulted from genes rather than historic events and cultural norms, we would expect a higher percentage of people graduating college in Israel, because of Israel’s lower intermarriage rate. So, the fact that American Jews are more likely to finish college than Israeli Jews disproves the genetic theories.

  • Could it be that the reason why there are more ‘smart’ jews are that smart minorities wisen up and focus on education and success? What about Asians in America? They have a higher IQ on average as well in the US, but as anyone who has been to Asia will tell you, that doesn’t seem to be the case there.

    I am not Jewish but I am an ethnic minority in a country and those of us who wants to stay on make sure to work hard, send our kids to private schools etc.

    Now if someone could tell me how jews took over Hollywood THEN I would be impressed.

    • Now if someone could tell me how jews took over Hollywood THEN I would be impressed.

      It’s part of the not uncommon Oedipus complex. The biggest motivation for any aspiring Jewish actor is voiced as, “Mame, look what I’m doing!”

  • I am Jewish (by which I mean – I am ethnically Jewish (Jewish-Ukrainian-Polish)).

    Chris. D. I agree with you, and I appreciate your compassinate loving kind support.

    Jack, the people who created Hollywood were Jewish.

    They were ambitious business people (who were relatively creative as far as business people go) who were members of an ethnicity (Jewish) that was officially and unofficially marginalized and discriminated against and they created a new business in an area (which was considered, by business people of the majority culture, tawdry and unprofitable) where they were not barred or impeded.

  • Oops.

    Correction to my previous comment:



  • The super inbreeding produced a people of superior intelligence but the downside besides the inherited physical maladies is that personality traits are sometimes compromised among certain groups. For instance, several of my lady friends are quick tempered and curt and impolite and insulting — akin to female Don Rickles. I have had to cut my friendships with a couple of them to the bone in order to stay in my right mind. However, they ALWAYS remember to acknowledge birthdays and holidays so how can I cut them off completely — a quality I sorely lack. So some contact is beneficial as there is a caring and sweetness in this.

  • Dear the middle,
    Eeegatz! You must be one of my friends !!! Shalom.

  • The only intelligence that jews have over others is they work together like ants, and edge out competition with group effort, nothing more. If you guys did not work and link jewish business and manipulate people with the media you are nothing. Money isn’t everything and jews are ugly, only jews think jews are good looking. Jews envy white guys who are real men, with real bodies, and big dicks. Jews are short, fat, big nosed, jew fro hair, and generally look cross eyed. If there is such a thing of a “good looking jew” it is because a jew mixed with a white person. Jews are parasites and leach off of society, they are incapable of making it on their own because they need a host to leach off of, lol, so lame. And another thing jews don’t have conscience!!!

  • I was raised in an ecumenical home of parentage that is paternally non-jewish, while my mom is of northern european jewish extraction. This might have left me in a quandary, but in fact left me more bemused by the arrogance and cultural posturing that goes on here.

    What rubbish.

    It stinks of “master race” mumurings, ironically close to “chosen people”. Neither conceit comes to any good.

  • Not being anti-sematic, but these people that adorn the cloth of being Jewish, are by far non-Ju, or from the land of Judea! If you trace the Anglo so-called Jew's lineage or genealogy, historically you fine most of them are from the ancient lands of Germany, Russia, European continent! In other words, as mention in the Tora, Quran, and Bible " Those who call themselves Jew's, are not but the Synagog of Satan". Those are not my words, but scripture! They say a gene which makes them en-lighten Impostors liken to Rothchilds, Rockerfeller, Albert Pike, Buturn Russell, Aleister Crowly and so on. I say don't mistaken evil, and witchcraft, for intelligence! And the Slave in the New World was none but the so-called N word people of America! In their veins, pumps the very blood of Christ, Abraham, and Moses… the true Hebrew, Israelites out of the land of Palestine, and Judea! Look for your self upon the Shield of the Rothchild. You will find the pale horse and its rider named death! Its no wonder why their aim is to kill 2/3 of the worlds population! For the day has come where as the Devil covers his head, thus his feet show… he covers his feet, yet his head is revealed! Red and ruddy he is indeed!

  • Mark mywords is exactly right! Their lack of concience has tried to deliberatley infect my family with Treacher Collins syndrome (which is a jewish disease they got from having sex with animals and now try to actively spread among the Goy, i.e. it is the sin of Sodom) They give these filthy suckers cranio facial operations instead of exposing them like any “healthy society” would have once done. I believe this to be a deliberate attack on the human Genome.
    Somtimes their true puppet masters (The Catholic Church) will deign to write us one of their “Roman A clefs” such as for instance the tract entitled “Theozoology” pdf, and write it in such a preposterous fasion that it can be plausibly denied other such as “The Protocols”; Psychopolotics; Silent weapons; et al
    Their camel faced Genes do not mix well with us and miscegegnation has caused genetic compromization in all they touch turns to Bio waste. . .Oi vey

  • Rabbi, I am not Jewish or American and so believe I have a somewhat unbiased view on some things here that are being spoken of.

    I will first dismiss that what is being written about in this “research” is anything more than the softest and most eroded kind of science/scientific methods. It is obvious to anyone who has a science background that what they write is not scientific as it uses methodologies that seem to intentionally try to subvert the standard methodologies and logic. A “scientist” could prove to a lay public many things just by manipulating the experiment to only allow for a given number of results each of which the “researcher” wishes for. It is like how jurists sometimes manipulate laws to create extremely strange and unintended ends.

    But, here is where my being a gentile comes in to play. I see and hear many, many, MANY Jews talking about Jewish racial and ethnic theories and supported it with much of their thought in an attempt at cultural chauvinism and old time bigotry. I think that when you say Antisemitism you are confusing things. Because the bigotry around Judaism and Jews has become a complex thing that is being very much supported from both the non-gentile and gentile side.

    There are many harsh realities here that I believe need to be accepted in order for world society to progress.

    One of them is that race is not a scientifically accurate idea anymore and that ideologies that insist on the separation of qualities between human beings in such a way as to propose that these qualities make one person alien from another create a scenario in which bigotry will NEVER die.

  • Some of the posts from gentiles on here are disgusting. I do not get it. I raised in Lutheranism and never anywhere and at anytime was informed that systematic bigotry was part of “our” culture. Many of you have obviously become like what you hate and drive your points extra hard in an effort to escape any realization of what you have become.