Hey… I’m the new girl. You can learn all about me from my bio on the “about” page.  I’ve still got Pesach on the brain and since this lil bit helped get me to where I am today, this very moment – I thought I’d share. Even though, when my parents read this, they might not be so proud. Or maybe they’ll finally go…international pressure is on! So, Next Year in Jerusalem it is:

Every year at the seder, Jews through the Diaspora end the evenings order by announcing ” Next Year in Jerusalem!”. This year, I returned from Jerusalem only days before the first seder, and as part of me was wishing I was still there, it got me thinking. Why is it OK to break the 9th Commandment (no lying) during Pesach, but not OK to eat flat breads, like naan or tortilla because they don’t resemble cardboard? For real: how many people say “Next Year in Jerusalem” and mean it or follow through?

For example: my parents, during their marriage alone, have said “Next Year in Jerusalem” twice a year for 34 years. How many times have they travelled to Israel? Zero. My parents, who dutifully kasher their home for for Pesach every year, who attend shul every Shabbat, who have countless sets of dishes, utensils and cookware, who are involved wholly in their Jewish community…and they’ve not once set foot in the Holy Land when they’ve announced 68 times – “Next Year in Jerusalem”.

Before I left for Israel last month, I told my parents that I would use my camera to document all of the amazing things I saw there, so that they would see what they’re missing. I took pictures of everything I could – the scenery change from rocky terrain outside of Jlem to grassy mountains carpeted with wildflowers in the Golan…from the mudpits at the Dead Sea to the lapping waters of the Kinneret. Even of my younger cousins’ gelato covered faces as we walked through the German Colony. And what shayne punims! If their doe-eyed, chocolate-faced cuteness wasn’t enough to lure my parents to Israel, what could?

I’ve been emailing them often with information about organized trips for adults – so if anyone knows of some – let me know. It’s my goal to get my parents to Israel by this time next year!

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