Save the Date – America’s Largest Israel Independence Day Festival is May 3rd, and Jewlicious is proud to be a sponsor. Over 20,000 people are expected at this year’s day-long festival featuring multiple stages, art-fair, food vendors, performances from some of Israel’s biggest acts, games, and other attractions. Entrance is only $5. Stay tuned for more details about the Israel Festival and have a HAPPY PASSOVER!

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Rabbi Yonah


  • There should be a clear difference between the Arab chovinism and the oppressed Palestinians. I prefer Arabs to be silent, they are the back seater when Palestinians are in problem. Therefore, the state of Palestine should be established and they live peacefully with their real brothers (Israel). Arabs are not their real brothers because they are jocking in the cry and frustration of Palestinians. If you go to the old history both are the children of Abaam/Ibrahim.
    I wish Alah/God to give them (all) peace.

  • I will be there. If there are any Jewish charities, especially ones for Israel, I will bring money to donate. Not only will I be there, I will have fun and celebrate Israel! 🙂

  • Israel is nothing more than state sponsored terrorism, to imagine donating money or celebrating with these animals while they continue to run Gaza like a nazi concentration camp is appalling.

  • Hey, Swizzle.

    Keep foaming at the mouth, with your paranoiac, historically twisted lies- so you short out your keyboard. Do us all a favor.

    If you knew anything about fact, rather than your own, warped dogma, you’d know that Israel has been the only one who has ever fed, employed, clothed, housed, educated and medically-supplied Gaza, despite the fact that bastard region became genocidal and anti-semitic, especially after Israel gave back the territory to it, which is not its, to begin with. It also happened every time the Nation State tore down walls, which were designed to do what they must- keep monsters like you out. Thank you.

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