Sell your land to a Jew and you can get the death penalty. Well, if you live in an area controlled by the P.A., you can. Palestine Authority Chief Islamic Judge Sheikh Tayseer Rajab Tamimi issued a warning reminding his constituents that should they sell their land to Jews, they are guilty of high treason, punishable by death. This reminder is based on an existing fatwa from 1935 prohibiting Muslims from selling their land to Zionists. Sheikh Tamimi extended the fatwa to include the renting of property in East Jerusalem to Jews. To clarify, if you are a Muslim and you rent/sell your property to a Jew, you are guilty of high treason and can be killed. Further, if you aid in the renting/selling of the property, you are, also, guilty of high treason, and can, therefore, be killed.

For years, I have argued that if Israel wants to have full legal control of the land of Judea and Sumaria (i.e. the West Bank), they should buy it; pay the land owners twice the property value, and just buy out the land. This was the original Zionist policy: they would buy swamp land in the north of the Palestine Mandate for more than twice the cost of fertile land in Missouri (far, far more than its worth). It appears that some American Jews bought some land near the Mount of Olives, and that this triggered the reminder. The extension to include renting is supposedly an attempt to keep out “immoral” influences. (After all, just think of all the immoral imfluences that will come from those charedim who want to rent in East Jerusalem). It is, also, a move to prevent that which is de facto from becoming de juro. If East Jerusalem only has Jewish residents, the strength of “Palestinian” claims to the city would be greatly diminished.

In any case, its always nice to get a confirmation as to how moderate the P.A. is. Imagine what the law would be if it was controlled by people who aren’t moderates! Instead of killing the seller, they’d likely kill the seller’s family as well. Regardless, it is my sincere feeling that when the West says “moderate” and the Islamists say “moderate,” there is a slight gap between that to which each party refers.

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