… and Kelsey and me behind in NYC without any supervision …

As Kelsey was recounting the development of various J-blogs to me, we both came to the realization that, with joined forces, we could indeed change the world. If we’ve already got a world conspiracy going on, then it better be fun and of relevance. Those changes we can be working towards would include (not exclusively – make your own additions):

– the fight against the mixing-up of homophones (e.g. they’re / their / there and it’s / its);
– extending lunch specials to all days of the week;
– one-way movement tracks in major department stores;
– mandatory washing of hands after using the bathroom (self-locking bathroom doors might come in handy);
– replacing the “whatever assumed ethnicity / cultural adherence-princess” by the more fitting technical term “cranky bitch, whatever assumed ethnicity / cultural adherence variety”;
– the courteousy of addressing people by name rather than by “dude” etc.

Have you got any more suggestions? Let’s hear.

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  • –No leaving the toilet seat down.
    –Reading material provided in all public restrooms.
    –No person under 5’4″ or weighing fewer than 125 lbs. permitted to operate an SUV.
    –All high school students taught to distinguish
    ‘discrete’ from ‘discreet’.