Here's what I think of the Boycott Israel movement!

Here's what I think of the Boycott Israel movement!

The Jerusalem Post reports about some of the upcoming concerts headed to Israel in the coming months including “California alternative folk rappers Why … French psychedelic shoe-gazing duo M83” as well as Guns ‘n Roses in the autumn and Madonna some time around the high-holidays. I’m actually most interested in M83 and Why, but seeing Axl Rose might actually be pretty cool. The very best part of course is continuing proof that the Boycott Israel people are about as impotent as… as… well, let’s not go there. Let’s just say they suck ok? Here’s a video clip from the recent Depeche Mode show in Ramat Gan. Enjoy!

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  • DUDE!!! i must see Axl. and Madonna. Will going to these two concerts in the span of a month create, ex nihilo, a class of ’90 varsity jacket hanging in my closet?

  • Guns ‘n Roses more like Ego n’Axl.It is to bad todays youth in Israel did not get to see them in there prime.The only remaining members is Axl.There new CD which took 15 years to come is really sub par.To bad Velvet Revolver is not coming then you would be in for a real treat and something more like the old GNR.

  • Really Tiffy?? Really? Are you FINALLY gonna come visit me in Israel?? That’d be So awesome!! You have a room and all the vegan Shakshuka you can eat O sweet child (ok sister) of mine!

    Ha ha ha…

  • I predict a sell out for GnR. The new disc was still better than 90% of what I heard last year.

  • Axl cancels concerts like other people switch cellphone carriers. May as well wait for Elijah to show up.

    All over Tel Aviv last month I noticed large posters for a Sisters of Mercy concert. Is this some kind of trend? Is TA the epicenter of tired-old-Goth revivalism? What explains the Israeli affinity for pale skin, bad teeth, and dyed black hair? Is there some huge annual festival (Gothapalooza) featuring Fields of the Nephilim and The Mission? WTF?

  • Rob, the market here for 80s music is incredible.

    And about the boycott Israel thing, I’m sure that they are claiming success about the pulsa denura they put on Depeche Mode and their canceling of the tour after performing in Ramat Gan.

  • I see Axl Rose and the boys got booed off stage at Dublin – them pesky music-lovers get all over the place LOL!