The USA campus with an active Jihad / Intifada against Israel, Jews, Western-style democracy continues. This teaser-trailer was just released. There are some similarities to the style of the Jihad Films on YouTube that promote terror and violence. What was just one week is now over two weeks long. The Jewish community in Irvine, the Federation seem unwilling to do much to stop it. The University, and Chancellor Drake in particular, has enabled it. This groups needs to be banned from campus. That will do a lot to stop the Intifidah at UCI. I coined that phrase in 2007, which then turned up on their t-shirts in 2008.

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Rabbi Yonah


  • At the end of this video screed is written “[t]o exist is to resist.” How better to explain decades of Palestinians’ responsibility for their own suffering. When they change their rally cry to “to exist is to coexist,” then there can be peace in the land. Until then, not so much….

  • Thank you for your comment. The school does not consider that a call to violence.

    They do not want to coexist – the MSU that is. They want dead Jews.

  • according to Islam, the only one sure way of getting to Gan eden is to kill infidels in Jihad.
    I think that muslims are just being practical. which is better a few years in this valley of tears and trouble or eternity with news virgins and other perversions.

  • “To exist is to resist”

    Which would perfectly explain Israel’s situation as well.

  • Ah, R. Yonah – I didn’t know that. I have a relative that works on the campus (and lives in Irvine) so I’ve a special interest in what goes on there. How does the Jewish campus population compare (choose the measure)?

  • Rabbi Yonah, explain to me where you get MSU wants Jews dead? You are supposed to be a sensible person with rationale who should know that calling out Israel’s government and its policies is not saying death to Jews.

    In my view comments like that, by you, are done on purpose with full knowledge of the propaganda they spread.

  • Hey Truth, explain to me why you allow anti-Semitic tripe on your campus.

    Notice how they try to restrict the video person from filming the session? Why would that be? What’s the big secret? Why is the speaker keeping his voice low as he intimates information about Jews?

    And furthermore, “Truth,” what does this type of speaker have to do with a taxpayer funded university? Why is he teaching on a campus? Does this seem to you like an academic lecture? Is this person qualified to give an academic lecture? In secret? About “Jewish Zionists?”

    And also, why does this person have students and others stand at attention when he gives talks outdoors, as if they were in the military? Why are those students and others wearing green headbands and other outfits that make them look like Hamas operatives? Why do they chant in unison, in what seems to be Arabic, when certain phrases resonate particularly strongly? And again, why is this on your campus and does this seem to you like it’s a peaceful demonstration?

    I look forward to hearing the truth.

  • What does Amir Abdel Malik Ali mean in the final seconds of this video, “Truth,” when he says, “If history is any indication, there will be peace when you are gone and we are in control again,” speaking to an Israel supporter on your campus at UC Irvine?

    And please, answer truthfully.

  • I mean, when he says, “We are in control again,” is he referring to surfboarders who attend UC Irvine? Or is he talking about the UC Irvine chess club? Who is he talking about as he predicts this future that you claim, in challenging Rabbi Yonah, is not indicative of seeking to see Jews dead? How does one gain “control” over others, “Truth,” in a repeat of history? Is he talking about history like when Egyptians invented forms of mathematics, or is he referring to other parts of history that enabled a certain group to “find peace” after gaining “control” over other people?

    By all means, answer truthfully.

  • And look what I found here, “Truth.”

    Don’t you love the part that starts at 1:10 of this video, where your venerable speaker who is a regular staple of the MSU’s anti-Israel events at UC Irvine, begins with the false information that Jews control the media and for evidence points to Rupert Murdoch who isn’t a Jew? Listen to this man, speaking at a public, taxpayer funded campus, attack Jews – he always qualifies by using the term “Zionist Jews,” but everybody knows what he means – for media control and then says,

    “And the truth of the matter is, your days are numbered. We will fight you and we will fight you until we are martyred or until we are victorious. That’s how we look at it. And they know that that’s how Muslims look at it.”

    Or how about at 3:45 in the video when he says,
    “We…You are telling them to their face they are the oppressors, you are telling them to their face they are the new Nazis. Why? Because we’re not afraid. Hizbullah taught us not to be afraid of them anymore, Hamas taught us not to be afraid of them anymore, Iran taught us not to be afraid of them anymore. We are not afraid of them anymore. They are supermen, they are straight up punks, that’s all they are. And remember whatever they try to do, it will come to nothing.”

    Not speaking violence there, “Truth?”

    What is this crap doing at a university campus again?

    What a bad joke.

  • Why did “Truth” never come back to dispute the rebuttals to his objections to R. Yonah’s statements?

    I’m so surprised.

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