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  • Ok, this actually looks pretty cool.

    Their statement is
    “This is not a political statement though as our belief is in Tehran’s ever lasting beauties, her status as being the face of Iranian arts and culture and the amazing talents of her new generation. We do not consider political ups and downs as they pass in time but the spirit of the city always remains the same.”

    I think the Ahmedinejad buttons are more for ironic effect, much as we now have Communist Party shirts/ slogans. http://bit.ly/fHWjR

    I’m not saying it’s completely right, but I don’t think politics is their goal. More Persian pride.

  • Sheesh, you’re demanding. She’s very attractive, Tom, objectively speaking, and nothing you can say about her nose is going to change that. 😆

  • No, a Bush administration-style response would have had me issue press releases about what a turncoat you are, how much of a liar you’ve become and how after years of loyal service, in truth I never trusted you and justifiably so. Not only that, but I would then send out other Jewlicious writers to all the Sunday morning shows to badmouth you and your taste in womens’ looks

  • Flip the situation and consider how rebellious and hip it would be to wear “I love Washington” shirts to your university in Tehran. There is something to be said for promoting discussions that tease out the subtleties between people, cultures, and their leaders.

  • Tom morrisey you must be blind, the gril is hot

    the guy on the other hand looks like an irritating douchebag

  • I noticed those t-shirts when ck took me on a tour of the Old City. Though they didn’t look nearly so good then as they do in the photo above.

    I’d like to do a little Persian up on her, if you get my point. Photo could also be the launch of Iranian Douchebags With Hot Chicks — ck, get into gear.

  • soo…other than cheap comments about the models, i thought maybe you losers (Good for the Jews,Tom Morissey) might actually have something worth reading. I would like to see a picture of your ugly faces, and comment on it…are you even 18 yet?

  • Something worth reading? This is a Mormon blog, we only do the Golden Book.

    If you want some substance, how about: what do a Turkish-looking girl and a Greek-looking guy in “I <3 Tehran”-tees in Toronto? Do they think it will actually provoke anything? And if they do and love Tehran so much, why aren’t they there? Could it be, quite possibly, their parents fled Iran at some point? Could they be the offspring of Iranian intellectuals that were neither wanted under the Shah nor Arabic leadership? Is their expression of extraterritorial-patriotism an inconsiderate way of getting back at their parents for making them stick out as foreigners in the country they settled in? Or is it just a piece of nostalgia that goes without deeper meaning?

  • balls to wear that. I guess that’s cool. after all its the gov we have an issue with not the city, country or the people. kindda like the issues we had/have with bushy and Nat-en-Yahooooo. people are good but often governments suck! take a look at this article sheds some light: http://www.newsweek.com/id/199147?from=rss

  • This is hilarious!!! The people on this picture are friends of mine. Needless to say that we’ve had a hoot reading all of your comments (especially my “irritating douchebag” buddy).

    There is one thing that I’d like to ask however:

    Why is it that Toronto is filled with signs advancing the Jewish/Israeli cause, and no Iranian that I know of has ever voiced any objection, but we want to wear a T-shirt that says we love our hometown, it brings out the worst in some of you?

    Having said that, I admire and have the utmost respect for those of you whose comments speak of compassion and understanding. Wish there more of you on both sides.

    – I am Iranian.
    – I am Muslim.
    – I do not hate Jews, nor do I wish for the destruction of Israel.
    – I even have Jewish friends *gasp*
    – And most of all, I LOVE TEHRAN!!!

  • Oh yeah, one more thing.

    Forylein, you say “if they do and love Tehran so much, why aren’t they there?”

    Does that mean that no Jew living outside of Israel has any feelings for that country?

  • guys, chill down,
    I am the “irritating douchebag” writing to you all. I first like to thank Amir for posting his great comments, and second of all I have no intent to taunt anybody as “themiddle” suggests. weeeesh, how the hell “the middle” come up with this crap….I am just a normal guy wearing a t-shirt saying “I love tehran”, it has nothing to do with religion and other things you have ascribed to this picture….what’s wrong with you???

  • Does that mean that no Jew living outside of Israel has any feelings for that country?

    No, Amir, it would take knowing that throughout the history of Jewish diaspora, Jews have been able to arrange themselves in the countries they dwelled in and used to have strong feelings for both countries, e.g. Jews would sign up to the armed forces of their respective countries during WW1 in masses, but their prayers have still always expressed the hope for Israel / Zion and / or Jerusalem. As the situation is, I’d go as far as saying that Jewish identity is not necessarily tied to Israel other than in an eschatological expression / belief. Analogously, I ask any person who tells me, “I love [place X]”, why they don’t live there. It’s genuine curiousity. Now, knowing from Persian friends and students why they came to grow up outside Iran, I do wonder why “exile Persians” would publicly declare their love for Tehran. What I see among Persians over here mostly is resentment towards their country of origin.

  • No, you misunderstood! The guy who calls himself “The prodigal Hero Returns” is the person who called you a Douchebag and he is a Muslim who comes here to taunt us.

  • WHat about making a t-shirt from war criminal faces starting with netanyahu, Bush,

  • World needs more leaders with guts and smart enough to see where world is going toward.
    God bless Ahmadinejad
    God Bless Iran
    God bless free man

  • the boy in picture don’t think your not persian. Jewish nation are basically iranian since they lived in Iran for over 600 years after king of Persian Empire (Iran) gave them a second chance after buying their freedom from babylonians 2500 years ago. they mixed with Iranian man and later some stayed in iran and some moved to other parts of middle east of asia and even europe.
    See for example if u come from Russian and ur family lives here for 600 years ur grand grand ,,, kids are russians or canadians?

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