tentOne of the single best Summer Music Festivals in the country is June 4-7 in Arkansas. The Wakarusa Music and Camping Festival is a 4-day foot-stomping party born in 2004. Music loving folks from all 50 U.S. States and several countries are expected this year and as many as 100 artists, on 7 stages, with 4 days of non-stop music and entertainment.

Organized by the Shabbat Tent Team (including yours truly), and sponsored by Birthright Israel NEXT, Matisyahu and friends will be setting up prayer services, meals, and parties throughout the weekend.

No knowledge of Shabbat is required, and all activities are open to everyone who wants to attend.

Festival Campers can stop by the Shabbat Tent at anytime throughout the festival simply to hang out, take shelter, nosh, or get into a heated conversation.

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Rabbi Yonah


  • What a pleasure it would be to attend the foot-stomping party. Alas, this Southern goy is working in the Jerusalem of Lithuania to create the Vilnius Jewish Library. Maybe someone can send some Jewlicious music over this way.

    Wyman Brent
    Vilnius Jewish Library

  • Just got back from waka. Met Matisyahu and all his friends. The shabbat tent was fun and im not even jewish! Def gonna celebrate shabbat again next year!