At least these guys make it looks hard. Four men from Newburgh, New York attempted to bomb a jewish community centre, a synagogue and had the rather more ambitious plan of knocking military air craft out of the sky with a rocket launcher. It’s hard to do that in Grand Theft Auto so Muffti can only imagine how difficult it would be for a bunch of rank amateurs to attempt such a thing in real life. Then again, it’s not clear the GTA missiles were guided stinger missiles. For a year they had been dealing with an informant controlled by the FBI and were dealing with fake C-4 and missiles. If their intentions weren’t so nefarious in content, one would have to feel bad for these guys: planning something serious, dedicating all their time and energy to it only to have been dealing with props the whole time (Surely there is some existentialist literature that deals with this theme). See Bloomberg for a nice report on the matter.

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