More likely he found the Kosher food. Not to take away from him the possibility that he has chosen an observant lifestyle, but the kosher option is popular by many in California jails. By law they must provide for any inmate kosher meals that needs it.

Though RadarOnline seems convinced that it’s because of his bald keppe. No sheitels allowed in jail, of which Spector is famous for.

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Jews around the world rolled their eyes this morning as RadarOnline reported that convicted murderer and confirmed meshugene, Phil Spector, has demanded a yarmulke, claiming that he is an Orthodox Jew. OY VEY!

Spector’s wigs had been confiscated and his baldness-covering hat requests had been denied. What came next? A sudden turn to religion. The yarmulke revelation coincidentally came after Spector had reportedly been given a prison rules manual.

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