Suddenly Single.

I’ve just discovered the abovementioned blog over at JC. What by its name at first glance just appeared to be yet another single’s e-column quickly proved to be some of the funniest I’ve read since Muffti and I outlined a conspiracy to form a hiphop act that will stage at the Jewlicious Festival in a little while.

Suddenly Single appears to be a new blog, but already looks delightfully promising, set with gems like these:

And then the rains came. Turns out that Rebecca/Sandra was into swinging, and knew a place in Radlett where they held regular parties for couples that way inclined. Was I interested? Don’t worry, she said, a lot of them would be Jewish. That’s a relief, I replied, I’m sure my rabbi would be impressed. Is there a prayer for consensual licentiousness?


I glanced over at Dave’s black boots, tight jeans and T-shirt emblazoned with an oriental dragon and realised how butch he looked — as though he’d stepped out of a remake of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy called Queer Eye For The Even Queerer Guy. Basically, he had about him the air of a gentleman who prefers the company of other gentlemen. And I was that other gentleman. Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

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