What does it take to win the Eurovision Song Contest? Apparently, the most important ingredients for success are cosmopolitanism (covering the voting-bases in most countries participating in the contest), not being afraid of having fun rather than only just running for the “fame” of a top-ranking score, and, of course, a charming stage persona.

Have I got the perfect contestant for you!

I’ve mentioned Yuriy Gurzhy before in a short post about Russendisko. Yuriy’s international + MOT roots, his loveable personality, and the music he creates together with his even more mixed-background band RotFront would make him a certain winner in Oslo – if only just for creating the best party atmosphere. Oh, and Yuriy has already agreed to run in the ESC if I can arrange this for him. 🙂

Rotfront are celebrating their CD release in Berlin with a concert/party marathon from 30th May till 5th June. (The CD – Emigrantski Raggamuffin – is also going to be available in the US from 9th June on.) I might even make it to Berlin for a night next week to join the party. The place is going to be packed, so hurry up & don’t miss out if you live in the vicinity.

All those that won’t be able to make it to Prussia may get an idea of what they’re missing:

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  • I can’t stop laffing! That’s great! I’d love to hear THAT shit crankin here up in my ‘hood! Maybe after I buy new speakers…hmmmmm. Having fantasies now about pissing off the neighbors with my music. Bitches around here NEED to be exposed to some culture though!