I have this friend; I’ve mentioned her before. When I first wrote about the  Agunah Crisis, she wasn’t an official agunah. Just someone starting the divorce process in Israel, struggling as an American feminist in the antiquated system of the Rabbinical courts. Now it’s been two weeks since she’s been refused a get. I have to say, even from the outside…two weeks is a long time to feel like that. I can’t imagine the levels of frustration, anger and helplessness of those women who have held the status for years. The good thing is, in this era of blogs and tweets, she’s able to get her thoughts out there, even if only anonymously. I know a lot of friends follow her blog. But I think it’s time, as a friend with access to a larger audience, to recognize her.

Please, check out, in my opinion, her most moving piece – Divorcing the Disney Princesses, published in the Fallopian Falafel.

Much love to Yerushalmit!

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  • Gets are bullshit. The entire process is bullshit.

    Tell her she should move on with her life to the best extent she can, including remarriage if that’s where her life takes her. I hear on Cyprus they don’t ask about the get. 😉

    The entire get issue is enough to make any person who actually practices some level of Jewish observance drop that observance.

  • Two weeks too many.

    Multiple scumbags – the husband, the people in the system letting it happen.

    Major chilul hashem (desecration of G-d’s name) as Middle says.

  • Just don’t get married? I’m sure the rabbinate would prefer that option.

  • unfortunately, tiff… not getting married is not an option for her, as she’s already married and in the process of divorce. but for the rest of us… good advice!