World’s Strictest Parents show a positive side to Israel! You might have seen this – so skip ahead. If not, read this article. And be at least a bit inspired.

Two non-Jewish teenage school dropouts quit their rebellious lives in Britain for a week-long obedience lesson with a firm religious-Zionist family for the BBC reality TV show World’s Strictest Parents.
Tzippi and David Sha-ked of…

Tzippi and David Sha-ked of Nof Ayalon and their five children help set two wayward British kids straight and gave them a special Israeli experience for a BBC reality show.
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Sixteen-year-old Gemma Lyons and 17-year-old Jack Travers, both from Hampshire in the UK, went to live with David and Tzippi Sha-ked and their five children last week in Nof Ayalon, a community near Modi’in. …

Gemma and Jack both listed the Western Wall as the highlight of their trip, even though Jack describes himself as an atheist.

“I’m not religious, but it was amazing,” enthused Jack.

“I’m really interested in the Wall,” said Gemma, who identifies as a Christian. “You can study it as much as you want, but when you go there, it’s totally different.”

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  • We need somebody from the far Left to come here and ask why they weren’t taken to see the suffering kids in the Territories.