Have you ever tried Googling Jewish Girls? I did today. Before I had even finished typing girls, Google had a list of suggested searches for me.
Jewish girls…
                      gone bad.
                      in wasp clothing
                      gone wild
                      are easy
                      prank calls her parents
                      are hot
                      in bed
I’m not even exaggerating. Go do it. And interestingly enough, if you Google Jewish Women, an entirely different set of information shows up about women’s intelligence, history, feminism and even wigs! I followed some of these searches and found that some male bloggers love Jewish girls – find them beautiful. Others think we have “height and feature disadvantages”. Whatever, good things come in small packages. But what’s with these incredible sexy stereotypes?!

There’s definitely a Madonna/Whore complex across the board with boys/men about Jewish girls. For example, half the population seems to think that Jewish girls give great head (ie Monica Lewinsky) while the other half is convinced that good Jewish girls just don’t do that. In that quick Google search, I saw plenty of discussion boards on which boys were upset that their Jewish girlfriend (for real or for the night) didn’t fit the stereotype.

We also get hooked with the J.A.P stereotype. Not all Jewish girls or women are gold-diggers, maxing out daddy’s credit cards, moving on from biological daddies to sugar-daddies… Although if you searched any of the Google suggested searches, you’d think all Jewish girls give great head but only swallow for money or jewelry. I swear I read that somewhere.

In a completely unrelated vein, David Carradinewas found dead in his hotel room in Bangkok. For many, he was a great hero/grasshopper raised by Shaolin monks in the 1970s TV show “Kung Fu”. To me, he was my favorite lovable villain, Bill. At only 72, Carradine left a legacy of more than 300 film and tv credits (6 films currently in post production). He will always be Bill to me. Guess the five point palm exploding heart technique got him in the end…

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  • Carradine will always be “Caine” to me, but I’m of that generation. About Jewish girls/women, I married one and “no comment”. 😉

  • I thought the point of Jewlicious was to provide relevant information about Jewish girls and Jewish women. Somewhere or other on the site I believe we may have touched on some of these issues. 😉

  • Yerushalmit – I’m glad at least someone thinks it’s interesting. I do happen to think that at least the jewish girl prank calls parents is pretty funny. what a random thing to pop up as a search suggestion.

  • This post is now the #6 search result on Google for “Jewish Girls.”

  • Yerushalmit – LOVE Hidary. Profiled her once for JRep and she rocks. For the uninitiated – This is so awesome:


    warning (promise?): LANGUAGE AND SEXUAL CONTENT

    Arielle – GR8 post. REALLY Interesting re the shifting stereotype. I also am curious as to the why. Wonder if it is about the women themselves or the men’s experience, or, as Y-t suggests, the trending.

    Jack – this would be a gr8 time to share.

  • Yes but Mr. Carradine was a little geschmoilt on his meshugena… what? You want I should keep such a thing a secret?

  • Don’t know much about the J.A.P. stereotype or the Madonna/Whore complex… But I know that Jewish girls are the most beautiful girls in the world.

  • If you’re interested in Carradine’s bizarre death, check out “David Carradine: The Eye of My Tornado”, the new book by the actor’s ex-wife, Marina Anderson.

  • Hi, I’m African-American and I would just like to say yeah sure there are some rich jewish girls out there that like to murder people for kicks, but hey some people are just crazy!!!!!!!!