contemplative duck in a highly aesthetically pleasing picture as I had no pic of Muffti striking the philosopher's pose

contemplative duck in a highly aesthetically pleasing picture as I had no pic of Muffti striking the philosopher's pose

A representative poll taken among Jewlicious readers figured out that King Solomon in all likeliness would have blogged or tweeted erotica or or would have had erotica blogged or tweeted on his behalf. Since our Jewlicious readers have proved themselves to be an amazing think tank (if you haven’t noticed yet, I’m flattering all of you at the same time), let’s ask a few more questions to see what answers you’ll come up with. Beware though, only smart people can answer those questions. (<-- subtle, slightly passive-agressive, flattering provocation) Max Frisch, a Swiss author who contemplated a lot about the human individual and morality, would publish diaries which contained lists of questions re: life. The following is a selection of questions taken from those "Fragebögen": 1. If you had the power to mandate what appears to be right to you today, would you mandate it against the majority's objection? Yes or no. 2. Why not if it appears right to you? 3. Do you think you know the way to gain a woman's love, and if one day it turns out whereby you actually gained a woman's love: will you doubt your love? 4. If you know somebody has been taken ill with an irremediable disease: will you raise that person's hopes, which you know yourself are deception? 5. What won't you do for money? 6. Do you consider yourself a good friend? 7. What are you more afraid of that could happen: that on your deathbed, you might insult somebody who hasn't deserved it or that you will forgive all that don't deserve it? 8. If you learn on detours that a nasty joke about you had originated from a friend: will you break with that friend? 9. Do you consider the duration of a friendship a gauge for the quality of the friendship? 10. If somebody is in a position to help you with money, or if you are in a position to help somebody with money: do you consider this a threat to the present friendship? 11. Why do you like giving gifts? 12. If you make somebody lose their sense of humour (e.g. because you have embarrassed them), and if you then determine that person possessed no sense of humour: do you think you possess a sense of humour because now you're laughing at that person? 13. Do you consider it humour: - when we laugh at others? - when you laugh at yourself? - when you get someone to laugh at themselves without that person being embarrassed? 14. Provided the case you are needy and have a rich friend that wants to help you and gives you a considerable amount of money (e.g. so you can pursue studies) and occasionally some of his suits that still are of good quality: what will you accept more unselfconsciously? 15. If you love somebody: why would you not want to be the outliving part but rather leave the suffering to the respective other?

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  • 3.can’t say in advance, but frisch is avoiding the harder question: do you believe in life after love?

  • Tough to say, X; I know of several old couples that died a few hours or days apart; one partner died from a medical condition, the other one faded away. So I suppose you could say that there are real matches that complement each other to the degree that one cannot exist without the other.