bulgarian-feta-cheese_1Food is not my beat, but Kashrut kinda is. So hear goes the Cab/Merlot and Bulgarian Feta Cheese Kashrut Alert that I just received in my in box courtesy of the OU. I wonder if the department of alerts realized the cuteness of the two email alerts going out at the same time?

These products are not kosher, but might make a nice wine and cheese picnic.

Country Road brand Bulgarian Cheese
Bulgarian Sheep’s Milk Cheese, Product of Bulgaria

Ein Kerem brand Cabernet Merlot Syrah (barcode 7290003541430)

These products bear an unauthorized OU symbol. Consumers spotting these products are requested to contact the Orthodox Union at 212-613-8241.

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Rabbi Yonah


  • So why would a company forge a kosher symbol? To get more business without having to pay for it? Seems pretty stupid to me, especially since they’re likely to get caught. Now inventing a new kosher symbol that’s bogus, I could see more people motivated to do that one…

    • Rather because they assumed that using certified ingredients on certified production lines in a certified manner meant that the end product was also certified. Oh, how wrong they were. People should return to using their common sense again when they shop for groceries.

  • Please provide any information you have for Country Road Bulgarian Cheese. I am writing an aricle for Bulgarian newspaper regarding importers of bulgarian agriculture products in US , who do not copmply with required certification.