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  • Where/When was this?! I’m so bummed that I wasn’t invited. Is it because I’m Communist Agnostic as opposed to Western Agnostic? No soup for me.

    • Awwwwwww, we luv ya, Vicka!

      The festival was today at Frankfurt airport. I met Muffti in transit, but I’ll try to convince him to make it to NYC when I’m there as well, so our second festival may spread beyond Muffti and me.

  • Q: Why does 3:00 AM chicken soup taste better?
    A: Because it has that extra secret ingredient – guilt…


    I know that it says I can’t accept kneidalach, but chicken soup should be ok. Ask @caput58.

  • It’s so sad that you’re forced to live in airport terminals.

    • Ah, Tom, Muffti’s allergic to cats. And we were glad enough to have found each other at the airport.

  • The soup was delicious. Thanks again to Sarah for taking care of Muffti after an 11 hour flight and before another one 5 hours later. Muffti has arrived at his destination and is doing well in what turned out to be a beautiful apartment he rented.

    Hope you guys are doing well.

  • Yeah, I was also wondering why you seem to have schlepped homemade soup to what looked like a public area.

    Muffti – men weren’t getting this kind of treatment even in my generation. So I hope you appreciate it.

  • In the old days the Germans would have arrested you for this. The country’s clearly going down the toilet.

  • Muffti’s most welcome. I hope he’ll enjoy his time in Budapest.

    B-D, interesting..

    Tom, eating soup in public was illegal?

  • There are just so many things wrong with this statement:

    I never put dumplings in chicken soup.

  • Yes, of course. Everything must be exactly just so. It’s always been done like this, it is A Rule, There are Ways To Do Things Properly and Things That Must Never Be Done.

    Thus has it always been, thus shall it always be (Or, if you prefer, so let it be written, so let it be done.)

    I love chicken soup with lukshen as much as the next guy, but I like it with knaidlech too. I have also been known to drink red wine with chicken when the mood strikes me.

    “Never” strikes me as extreme, but I guess you guys do things differently back in the alter heimat.

  • Eh, it’s not an iron rule, but a matter of taste as the dumplings widely known around here (marrow, semolina) don’t go so well with chicken soup.

  • Mmmmmm…..marrow knaidlech.

    My grandmother make her knaidlech with marrow. A taste of Olam Haba, truly.

    It’s a bitch getting the blood out of the marrow, though. You have to put in ice water and squeeze the blood out with your bare hands. FREEZing.

    Absolutely worth it, though. Wonderfully flavorful knaidlech that are light, dense, rich, and smooth, all at the same time. Not such a simple thing to do. You can’t overdo it on the marrow, though.

    I wonder: is it possible to make kosher leberknoedel? Probably not.

  • Ask your butcher for prepared marrow bones; there should be no blood on them (marrow dumplings are so common here that most butchers have got the bones in stock). A sister of my grandma’s told me you could also use some melted shmaltz in place of the melted marrow and still get a substantial taste dumpling.

    I’ve just found an English-speaking recipe online that’s a little weird and won’t give you much flavour. It’s essential that you melt the marrow in a little pan, then let it cool to room temperature. Whisk an egg, add chopped parsley, – salt, pepper and nutmeg to taste – some soaked non-sweet wheat bread or a roll and breadcrums, and mix with the marrow.