One Day (new single)

Check out Rob Eshman’s article “ONE DAY” in the Jewish Journal for a backstage look at Matisyahu’s tour this year.

I have seen the Jewish future — it’s loud, and hypnotic, and it reeks of pot.

Last week, for two nights, I became a groupie. The singer Matisyahu came into my life just when I needed him most, and I followed him, like a Deadhead after Jerry Garcia, for two days and two nights.

Matisyahu has a few more shows before his tour is over – it’s been a great tour. Hope you can catch it.

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  • “I have seen the Jewish future — it’s loud, and hypnotic, and it reeks of pot.”

    That “future” Rob Eshman speaks of sounds like a lack of an actual Jewish future. Is the future of the “light unto the nations” nothing more now than to be a bong and lighter unto the nations? Its also ironic since Matis himself has stated on his album that he is against drugs as they stunt ones true potential and intellectual and spiritual growth (ie: burn away your brain)

    As to the single, its cute, but disappointing. I miss the true universal traditional Jewish message that he was spreading with this first and first and 1/2 albums. He skyrocketed by finding a new package for the beauty and Truth of Torah and Judaism, but now seems content selling universalist, broad, secular pap. In music terms: it seems he has sold out!

  • Matthew Miller/Matisyahu is a freaking genius. His music is eminently listen-able, hypnotic, wonderful. People who crab that the guy isn’t “Jewish enough” need to grow the hell up. The song isn’t “cute” unless the concept of world peace is “cute” to some. Sheesh.

    I suppose there have to be whiners in the world who carp and complain just because they can. Have some cheese with your whine, Ze’ev–your lousy, uninformed, negative, downer opinion is in the distinct minority.

    Keep on keeping on, Matisyahu! Roots, rock, reggae!

  • Ze’ev does not get to define the what the “true universal traditional Jewish message” by his taste in music. Because obviously it sucks.

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