Italian UNIFIL Peace-Keepers

Italian UNIFIL Peace-Keepers

After last Tuesday’s hoopla, UNIFIL has decided to step their activities up a notch. They’ve increased their activities in southern Lebanon. Saturday, UNIFIL troops attempted to search an abandoned building in Bir el-Salasel, a village of Hezbollah supporters/members not far from the site of last week’s explosion. However, villagers surrounded the peace-keeping troops, barred them from examining the building, throwing stones and demanding that they leave, as well as preventing more peace keepers from coming and bailing out their fellow troops. It fell to the Lebanese army to escort the UNIFIL troops away.

Further , today, UNIFIL spotted 15 protesters, including some children, carrying Hezbollah and Lebanese flags cross the border into Israel. The group apparently entered Israel from an area without a border fence. The group was spotted by the IDF, which chose not to act as the group was unarmed. The protesters returned to Lebanon several minutes after crossing into Israel. The Israeli Army has noted that this is in serious violation of UNSC Resolution 1701.

It would appear that today’s events are a serious blow to UNIFIL’s claims at capability or adeptness. One must seriously wonder as to the point of UNIFIL’s presence in Lebanon. They do not serve to prevent Hezbollah from firing rockets at Israel, neither are they able to prevent Hezbollah from amassing weapons and munitions as well as training their troops. Further, they are not even able to prevent an unarmed group of civilians from crossing the border to Israel. Of what, exactly, are they capable? Since they seem to be rather incompetent, would it not be better that the funds spent on maintaining their presence there be spent on peace-keeping missions which actually do something? Or to UNICEF, or the WHO?

On the bright side, though, at least they provide business to restaurants in northern Israel.

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  • Not sure what UNIFIL is for – then again, not sure what UNRWA or most of the other UN-related organizations are for…or the UN itself for that matter. Hebzollah will do what it wants – and the UN certainly won’t be the one to stop them – in fact, the UN will always be the first to run (away).

  • UN agencies exist for the sake of their existence.

    Regarding the “protesters” – should have arrested them.

  • Today, 15 years ago, a terrorit attack destroyed the AMIA (Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina) building, killing 85 and wounded over 300.
    Its our duty as young people to remember what happened, not only at the AMIA building, but also the bombing of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires in 1992, wher almost 30 people died.

    I always read this blog and i thought it was important to mention this.
    take care

  • The UN is a morally bankrupt and hugely corrupt organization.
    I resent my country, the U.S., supporting it and providing huge sums of money to keep this dead and rotting organization alive.They are more corrupt & do more harm than can be imagined.
    Unfortunately Obama seems to love the UN!

  • I feel sympathy for the UNIFIL commandos. Why should those Peacekeepers from over 30 countries have themselves shot and hacked to pieces for a mission everyone knows is already a failure. For what? Lebanon can erupt into another civil war any minute. Airlifting the UNIFIL personnel out of there will push the peacekeeping forces to their limits.

    BTW: The current UNFIL commander is Italian, not French. The French Army undergoes a series of reforms right now and is unable to show muscles.

  • Abu Zibby: Did I say that UNIFIL was commanded by the French? (I’m not being argumentative, I just don’t see where I said that, and I want to correct any inaccurate statement I may have written)

  • Daliah, no you didn’t. And I am not taking up an argument here. It’s just for the record: The French Army had a long history of commanding the UNIFIL joint force – from 2004-2 until 2007-02, if I remember correctly.

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