That is the headline of Ami Eden’s blog on JTA. And he is right.

President Obama will be meeting in the White House with 16 leaders of Jewish organizations at 3 p.m. Monday. Those on the guest list say they are still waiting to hear from the White House whether the meeting will be on or off the record.

Not only should the meeting be on the record, the White House should provide a full transcript….

To be clear, there is a time for closed-door meetings, especially between allies like Israel and the United States working to hammer out policy understandings. And there is nothing unkosher about the president or his aides confidentially tapping a well-placed observer for insight into the inner workings of the Jewish community or perspectives in Israel.

But today’s meeting isn’t about formulating plans; it’s about explaining and debating existing policy. And the question is whether the Obama administration wants to force millions of American Jews to be dependent on the leaks, spin and judgment of a select few, or empower them to make up their own minds.

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  • Who was there…. ? Not me 🙁
    No one from

    Obama met with 16 Jewish machers from 14 groups. Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod, his top advisors, were there also. President Obama said he would work on the PERCEPTION that he is putting the screws to Israel and not the other parties. He didn;t say he would lessen the screws. He said that he would work on the PERCEPTION.

    Who was there?

    Alan Solow, the chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.
    Malcolm Hoenlein, exec Vice chairMAN, Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (what about the Conference of the Vice Presidents??)

    David Victor, President of AIPAC
    Lee Rosenberg, President elect of AIPAC

    Rabbi Eric Yoffie, president of the Union of Reform Judaism

    Abraham Foxman, national director, Anti-Defamation League of Bnai Brith

    Nancy Ratzan, president of the National Council of Jewish Women (a WOMAN!!)

    Jeremy Ben Ami, director of J Street (but everyone in DC knows that there is not such thing as J Street)

    Ira Forman, CEO of the National Jewish Democratic Council (after a fabulous recovery from cardiac surgery). Guess what? Mr. Forman kvelled about President Obama and said he was “masterful.”

    Other groups represented were
    Americans for Peace Now
    The American Jewish Committee (was in Congress miffed?)
    The Jewish Council for Public Affairs
    The Orthodox Union
    The United Jewish Communities (UJC)
    The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism