According to a Jerusalem Post report, Israel may allow the P.A. to establish a counter-terrorism unit, to act against Hamas terrorism. The French have volunteered to train the unit. The French do have some experience with terrorism, given their experience with Algerian terrorism, even after the end of the war. However, the French system’s strong point, according to scholars such as Martha Crenshaw is with their intelligence gathering capabilities; not with their response units. With all due respect to the French, let’s hope that the hypothetical Palestinian team will be able to respond to the threat posed to the P.A. by Hamas (though many, if not most, counter-terrorism experts believe that the threat posed by Hamas and similar minded organizations, cannot be countered solely by arms, and would be best countered by countering the mindset and ideology), but will not turn their weapons upon Israel. This may be an opportunity to build trust.

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  • “This may be an opportunity to build trust.”

    Trust-building exercises should be undertaken without those who want to kill me holding guns.

  • What is that line about letting wolves guard sheep?

    Let’s hear it for intelligence gathering. YAY!!!

  • Trust-building is what should have been going on for the last 60+ years to lead to such a move. Oh sure, let’s start now… and with guns.

  • louder… are you implying that they don’t have guns already? if so, i’m afraid that you have missed out on some crucial developments in the last 60 years