New York International Fringe Festival Comedy Sex and the Holy Land


One cannot ignore the correlation between sex and Israel that exists in the hearts and loins of the tens of thousands of parentally unsupervised diaspora youth that visit Israel every year. Many will explore the hills, valleys and bodies of water that dot the country while engaging in a similar exploration of each others bodies. Many will note the sheer sexiness of the terrain and the sun kissed people that inhabit it. A good number of diaspora women will have, uh… physical interactions with refreshingly forward Israelis, though a much smaller number of diaspora men will be so fortunate (Israeli women don’t tend to be very attracted to boyish, soft in the middle Jewish guys). Thus it is no surprise that Sex and the Holy Land, a play opening at the New York International Fringe Festival this week is focused on the adventures of Lili, a female protagonist. A similar play focusing on a guy’s adventures would read as follows: “Tried to get with soldier chick. Fail. Tried to get with girl medic. Fail. Tried to get with bartender girl. Fail. Finally got with that slut from Fresno who wanted to cheat on her boyfriend. Bitchin!” Yeah. Boring right? But from a woman’s perspective? Hotness. And funny too apparently.

From their press release:

SEX AND THE HOLY LAND is the tale of Lili’s plunge into a stereotype-shattering sexploration of Israel. Her two best friends and a string of Middle Eastern men lead Lili out of enslavement by the Greek Chorus of Jewish Mothers ruling in her mind. It is a coming of age comedy about liberation, religion, and love… Marking 23-year-old playwright Melanie Zoey Weinstein’s New York debut, SEX AND THE HOLY LAND was inspired by Weinstein’s study abroad experience in Tel Aviv in Spring 2007, following the Second Lebanon War. “It was a time of disillusionment and questioning for myself and many of my friends,” said Weinstein. “We were experiencing Israel for the first time as adults outside of the Jewish institutions in which we were raised.”

Sex and the Holy Land will be performed 5 times at the New York International Fringe Festival starting August 18. If you go see it, let us know what you think!


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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Here’s a nearly fool-proof rule: when something is described by the people involved as ‘stereotype-shattering’, it’s probably going to suck. This goes double (nay, triple!) if it is described as a ‘sexploration’ (unless, of course, it’s pornography).

    And CK, lay off the Fresno cheatin’ sluts.

  • Muffti: What are you now? the defender of the virtue of all women in NorCal all of a sudden? It was in quotes and I was paraphrasing and it just so happens that that imaginary dialogue was based on a real event. So there. Also, this play was chosen to participate in the prestigious New York International Fringe Festival, which means it in all likelihood does not suck. And the reviews have been pretty good. Why don’t you work towards shattering the stereotype of you as a grumpy wienie?

    Kidding. No one loves ya more than me. Even if you are a wienie sometimes. 🙂

  • Muffti’s been to a lot of fringe festivals amigo, and being in is no great sign of quality (the only really great thing Muffti ever saw was that version of MacBeth by that Simpsons guy!). Anyhow, this rule about avoiding all things advertised by the creators using phrases like ‘stereotype shattering’ (and ‘paradigm shifting’, ‘revolutionary’ and ‘thought provoking’) comes from no less august source than CK himself, back in the era of talking-like-Cartman all the time and Muffti has usefully taken it to heart.

    As for women, Muffti has been defending their virtue since before he can remember. It’s true that you put it in quotes nad italics…but you still chose FRESNO as opposed to, say, Modesto, Lodi or even Bakersfield! WTF? 🙂

  • What part of Nor Cal are you in Muffti? It sounds like we’re in the same neck of the woods, give or take.

    Any way to exchange private messages?

  • This play sounds awesome and Jewlicious! Just bought my tix for Monday cause opening night is sold-out.

  • Muffti: Dude. This is Jewlicious. When women wrap themselves in Israeli flags with nothing else underneath, we cut them some slack. Besides, my mom says there’s a lot of black people in Africa. So… why don’t you go back to San Francisco with all the other Jews? Also I think you got the words “defending” and “destroying” confused. And that woman was in fact from Fresno. Not my fault she has a very loose definition of the word “virtue.” Her policy was that if a sexual act with a third party took place more than 3 time zones away from her beloved, it didn’t count as cheating.

  • CK, that was so awesome a response that Muffti can only think of one adjective that really captures it’s essence: STEREOTYPE SHATTERING.

  • Opening night was earth-shattering. My friends and I laughed our tuchuses off. CK- you don’t need to forgive the naked girls in the Israeli flags for anything- because this show is smart AND funny. So many truths about what its like to grow up Jewish. Must-see!!

  • Their was an article written about how most Diaspora men (18-35) would not consider it a tragedy if Israel were to fall, and some having and outright resentment towards Israel.

    ” though a much smaller number of diaspora men will be so fortunate (Israeli women don’t tend to be very attracted to boyish, soft in the middle Jewish guys)”

    maybe their is a connection between the two??????

  • Oh.. I am so bad for not posting this earlier. Yes, I saw the show at the Fringe Fest on MacDougal at the 10:30 PM showing. The playright is only 23, so it is impressive that at 23 she alrady has a hip show in the Fringe Fest. The Greek Chorus of Jewish mothers is funny and stereotypical and so well cast. Those women should be given their own show. The casting of the other characters are also very good. Did I mention the set yet? The set is so simple yet very creative. The use of long benches transforms the stage into an ElAl jet, the partitions at the Kotel, a bed, a Bedouin tent area in the Negev, an Egged bus, a beach, an Israeli Army gun practice range and more. The three female protagonists have just enough back story to give the shows some zest. And the stories resonate to any woman under the age of 22, I assume.

    OK OK ,,,, sure, I admit I nearly walked out a mere 5 times due to the show’s pacing and dialogue, but what do you want? Brecht? It is good as a fringe fest show and should be shown at Hillels across the nation. Please you get a nifty glossary of Israeli terms, like “Jobnik” in the show’s program.

  • Due to its overwhelming success, Sex and the Holy Land has been extended and will be playing in the FringeNYC Encore Series at the SoHo Playhouse at 15 Vandam.

    Five performances:
    Friday, September 11 at 7pm
    Saturday, September 12 at 2pm
    Saturday, September 12 at 10:30pm
    Sunday, September 13 at 8:30pm
    Tuesday, September 22 at 8pm

    And what do I think of this show, you ask? I think this show rocks and everyone should go see it. Then again, I’m the writer, I’m 23, what do I know?

    Just come.

    ps Larry- unlike the other performances, that Thursday show WAS weird pacing. that won’t happen again. work in progress…

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    I think Ahmed would like to meet one of the flag-draped young women above.

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    • mhm….When I first read your comment, I was almost angry. Then I realized that you are probably some thirteen-year-old kid who is starved of attention. Poor thing :L

  • Jewess: I don’t agree. He’s not a 13 year old kid starved for attention. He’s just someone reading about the smut in Israel, that all the holy Jews go to watch and enjoy, and then write about for the world to see.
    You wonder why there is anti semitism?
    It’s because of websites like this, which give the impression that all Jews are as insane and juvenile as you and your readers.
    And even more unfortunate is that the Nazi German above makes a valid point, which you are obviously too blinded to understand.
    I wish you and your readers a refuah shleimah.

  • Aah, so anti-Semitism exists for a valid reason. Thanks for this invaluable information, Tallulah. I’d try to reason or debate you but my sense is this would be futile and anyway you’d be better served if I encourage you instead to go out and buy yourself a vibrator.

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      Apparently this is Persian.

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