Oh yes, we did.

Since it was so much fun last time, Muffti and I met up again. This time we explored some European history by visiting the old city of Frankfurt/M.


Muffti was quite eager to try German specialities, so he also had spaghetti ice cream. Now don’t go all ewwwww on him, spaghetti ice cream is ice cream that looks like spaghetti (in the traditional version it’s vanilla ice cream squeezed through a device comparable to a potato ricer, topped with strawberry sauce and white chocolate sprinkles; usually comes with a core of whipped cream) . Muffti thoroughly enjoyed it and will start pestering the counter guys at Ben & Jerry’s from now on to serve him spaghetti ice cream.

I got myself a little collectible to mark the day, but I’m not supposed to share why in particular I picked this one (look at the tags and draw your own conclusions).

Embarrassing moment of the day, I recounted my impressive vocabulary of Russian curse words to Muffti when we were sitting on a train. Only a few minutes later I realised that the gentleman sitting next to us was reading a Russian magazine. Vicki, how do you say, “I’m sorry, but I’ve got a bad case of a speech impediment that makes social niceties sound like profanities,” in Russian?

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  • What you do, Froylein, is you take the gentleman’s hand, look sincerely into his eyes, and say, “Da poshel ti na-“, for which the English equivalent is, “Mind your own business, kind sir, and please do not listen to our conversation, you KGB apparatchik.”

    Mmm. Spaghetti ice cream. Any in America?

  • Thank you Froylein for an excellent between-flights time in Frankfurt. Spaghetti ice cream looks funny but is very tasty and German beer is excellent.

    Muffti is back home after a 2 hour budapest-frankfurt flight, a 5 hour layover and an 11 hour flight to California.

  • Vicki, sounds good, particular since a few minutes earlier I’d cheerfully announced to an imaginary foe that he could walk his privates.

    Maybe your and Muffti’s joint popularity will convince Ben & Jerry’s to start selling spaghetti ice cream. πŸ™‚

    I’m glad Muffti’s safely arrived back at home.

  • Froylein and Muffti should get in touch with David Kelsey and take this to the next level, something more permanent– say, a Center for the Study of Non-Belief, an Intermarriage Working Group, etc.

    Bright young entrepreneurs like yourselve can make these dreams happen. There’ll be plenty of money and support available to you via this site.

  • ….The Committee for Interfaith Dialogue. The Caucus for Secular Youth. The Institute For the Study of Who is a Jew…. the possibilities are endless.

  • Froylein: Frankfurt rocks, though my heart is farther south. Cute little Jewish museum there, liked walking the Zeil, bought books there. Where did you get the spaghetti ice cream, I’ll have to try that. I was last there during spargel season, so that’s all there was to eat, which was fine with me, though I prefer pfiferling mania. I suppose soon I’ll find out what German apples and honey are like πŸ™‚

  • Tom, shhhhh, CK already thinks I’m terrible. πŸ™‚

    Maven, you can get spaghetti ice cream at most Italian ice cream places, often they’ve got a special menu for the different spaghetti ice cream varieties. Hope to see you then. πŸ™‚

  • froylein, on behalf of all of us on staff here at ISWJ, thanks for nothing.

  • To all those American Jews who clicked through to the jewelry link – “schmuck” does not mean in German what it means in Yiddish.

    My Yekke grandmother did not make spaghetti ice cream – but she made these nice molded bavaria/semifreddo things. I’d call it a bombe but that’s not what she probably called it.

    Hey Muffti, Froy actually let you into her country on this date, not just an airprot…

    (filling in for JM)
    so stop eating and start making some cute little atheists – I’m not getting any younger you know…

    • B-D, true that, but both can be a key to content partners. πŸ˜€

      Sounds like your grandma made some kind of parfait called “Halbgefrorenes” in German, but I bet she had a different name for it as “Halbgefrorenes” isn’t too pleasant to the ear, and the dessert has melted by the time you’re through with the word.

      May I clarify that neither Muffti nor I feel attracted to each other in any offspring-creating way, are simply just friends and are happily involved with a different partner each?

  • Ben-David’s too smart to take that for an answer. Even I can see right through that one.

  • Froy:
    B-D, true that, but both can be a key to content partners.
    – – – – – – – – – – –

    – – – – – – – – – – –
    I remember some sort of ice cream/semifreddo using hazelnut milk (ground nuts in boiling water/milk, then strained/squeezed out) and cream. This had crushed bits of caramel-nut brittle folded in before it was put in a tinned copper mold.

    Ring a bell?

    Offspring-creating way
    – – – – – – – –
    That’s OK, as I recall JM was usually way off base too most of the time.

    • B-D, I’ve been looking for a recipe; I didn’t quite find what you described, but several parfait recipes with nut brittle. Suppose your grandma gave the dessert some extra flavour through boiling the hazelnuts in milk (use milk or cream as water crystalizes too much when frozen), also recipes without gelatin. Fancy?

  • Hey Muffti, Froy actually let you into her country on this date, not just an airprotÒ€¦

    well, Muffti did have a good 7 hours between flights this time ’round as opposed to about 3 on the way to budapest. In any case, he’s not the most gentlemanly fellow in the world, but if he were dating a German woman, he’d try to do a little better than to schedule her between flights πŸ™‚

  • Forget the desert, what about what Morrisey said?

    (Control yourself and stop prying. You represent Torah Judaism in this forum….)

    (/incredible struggle with my inner yenta)

    In the US, if it’s got gelatin and egg white, it’s a Bavarois/Bavarian. If it’s based on eggs, it’s a custard or pot-de-creme or (if frozen) really rich ice cream.

    We’ve had kosher sheet and powdered gelatin in the US for at least 30 years, but that leaves gelatin out of my grandma’s dish.

    Possibly this was a “souffle mousse” – separate eggs, the yolks make a custard, whites are whipped and folded in.

    I have another great recipe using this technique for a completely different result – a rich chocolate “souffle mousse” is made, half of it is baked in a pie pan, it cools and sinks, then the rest is used as a filling. A very famous recipe from the NY Times food section. Very easy and kosher for Passover.

  • Has anyone yet noticed that Froylein is happy to plaster Muffti’s plastered visage on these posts but not her own? Double standard anyone?

  • Muffti provides the first probative evidence that froylein actually exists.

  • … if you don’t exist, who created all those cakes?

    – wait a minute, I feel a refutation of agnosticism coming on….

    • Tom apparently doesn’t believe that the effects of my existence constitute as sufficient evidence of my existence. His choice.

  • If you’re standards of proof, B-D, are as lax as your standards of refutation, Muffti can see how you were led down the dark road of theism πŸ™‚

  • Damnit Vicki… I thought those were gonna be topless photos of the Muffster!

    I wanted atheist Jewish hunkness, not a pasty semi-plastic Russian geezer.

  • hehe…sorry Alan. Muffti spent 3 weeks in budapest and no one wants to see him topless after that (it’s a fried food and heavy cream kinda country). Maybe when his return to the gym and exercise kicks in…

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